Dancing Dog Blog Up for “Best Dog Blog 2014″ DogTime Petties Award

July 10, 2014

Gobsmacked. That’s the word that fits exactly what it felt like when a friend told me Dancing Dog Blog was a finalist for “Best Dog Blog 2014″. I blinked, and then blinked again. I hoped that what I was typing on my phone was readable as I asked “What — really?” I was so confused! […]

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Obesity in Pets: Chewing the Facts on Fat, Prevention, Weight Loss

June 30, 2014

Obesity in pets eerily mirrors what’s happening with people across the U.S. — a reflection that isn’t flattering. Fat dogs and chubby cats have fallen victim to one of our most unshakable, revered cultural pastimes,  food. You’ve probably thought about this: Whether someone is sick, has died, got fired, got promoted, is having a birthday […]

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Pet Food Safety: Pet Parents vs China’s Chicken Jerky Treats, An Interview

June 14, 2014

Pet food safety has been an ongoing battle, but especially so for the past seven years. Many thought the nightmare would end when melamine was discovered as the contaminant in pet food that killed thousands of pets in 2007/08. Though we’ve heard about it in a flurry of news from time to time, there has […]

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Shelter Dogs Shine As Psychiatric Service Dogs

June 11, 2014

Shelter dogs need many doors opened to save their lives. Finding new channels where these dogs will shine is a welcomed gateway where any number of dogs have an opportunity for a second chance. A few years ago some in the service dog training community started experimenting using hand-picked shelter dogs “with the right stuff”. […]

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Chicken Jerky Treats from China Cause Illness & Death, Remain on Costco Shelves

June 10, 2014

After some 7 years of laboratory testing, an FDA investigative trip to China, countless FDA consumer warnings, 5600 animals made ill, with health permanently compromised, or the 1,000 who died from eating chicken jerky treats from China (and duck and sweet potato treats also), Costco refuses to remove this potentially toxic product from their shelves. […]

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Afraid to Vaccinate Your Pets? Vaccines, Adverse Reactions, Answers

May 23, 2014

Vaccinate your pets, it’s a mantra you’ve heard for decades. The yearly vet visit has come and gone for many, but maybe you’re still waiting, because every time you think about making an appointment, a little bead of perspiration forms on your forehead. There’s a knot in your stomach twisting tighter as you recall the […]

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Illinois Animal Welfare Act Revisions Update: Good News

May 19, 2014

Animal welfare advocates set in motion a fury of social media networking, calling, and emailing representatives last week when the Illinois Animal Welfare Act was revised in a way that left everyone stunned — saving adoptable animals, Related Tags:

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