Chicken Jerky Treats from China Cause Illness & Death, Remain on Costco Shelves

June 10, 2014

After some 7 years of laboratory testing, an FDA investigative trip to China, countless FDA consumer warnings, 5600 animals made ill, with health permanently compromised, or the 1,000 who died from eating chicken jerky treats from China (and duck and sweet potato treats also), Costco refuses to remove this potentially toxic product from their shelves.

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Afraid to Vaccinate Your Pets? Vaccines, Adverse Reactions, Answers

May 23, 2014

Vaccinate your pets, it’s a mantra you’ve heard for decades. The yearly vet visit has come and gone for many, but maybe you’re still waiting, because every time you think about making an appointment, a little bead of perspiration forms on your forehead. There’s a knot in your stomach twisting tighter as you recall the [...]

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Illinois Animal Welfare Act Revisions Update: Good News

May 19, 2014

Animal welfare advocates set in motion a fury of social media networking, calling, and emailing representatives last week when the Illinois Animal Welfare Act was revised in a way that left everyone stunned — saving adoptable animals,

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Legislation Kills No Kill Goals, Barrs Shelters Saving Strays?

May 15, 2014

In an animal community shocker, an ill-conceived, poorly advised piece of legislation, SB 0648, quietly slipped to the floor of the Illinois Senate for a vote. Legislation that kills no kill goals, unravels at least a decade of work the animal welfare community has put into saving adoptable animals, and bans shelters from saving strays [...]

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It’s National Pet Week: Celebrate Your Pets, Be Kind to Animals!

May 7, 2014

National Pet Week is here! Got any plans? The first full week in May is set aside to celebrate the bond you and your pet share. Funny thing is, it’s also the 99th year of Be Kind to Animals Week and, as if this were not enough (and really, can there ever be enough kindness [...]

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Sex and the Single Heartworm Prevention News That Could Save Your Dog

April 25, 2014

Heartworm prevention news can be a lifesaver — if you happen to hear it, you don’t ignore it, and it comes from a competent source. Some get news they think is timely, and it turns out the article, while written by a trusted or expert source, is actually many years out of date. Changes in [...]

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Partners for Healthy Pets — New Affordable Pet Care and Prevention

March 17, 2014

One of the most popular discussions on social media among pet parents centers around pet healthcare. Affordable pet care is not widely available and friends with a sick pet often ask others if they have had experience with the symptoms their pet is presenting. They want to know if it’s necessary to take their furry [...]

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