Dog Laws & Sentience: A Scientist’s Epiphany

October 18, 2014

If you’ve been following the new studies on dogs conducted over the last few years, you’re likely to have been surprised, amazed, even thrilled at least once at what is being discovered — how much language dogs are capable of learning, the range of emotions they feel, how they think and how some reason. Do […]

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Puppy Mills Fight Change: Be The Change Not For The Faint of Heart

October 16, 2014

While we were all looking in one direction of possible precedent-setting change through banning pet shops county-wide here in Illinois, as in a magic trick, puppy mill advocates won a disheartening victory where we weren’t looking. Not only do puppy mills fight change as they attempt to unravel ordinances banning pet shops in cities across […]

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Dogs Rule Nonchalantly: When Dogs, Art, and Kickstarter Collide

September 30, 2014

Dogs Rule Nonchalantly authored by illustrator Mark Ulriksen was offered for review, and though I rarely accept book pitches due to the time involved, this one struck the right note. And who wouldn’t want to find out more about an artist who has his work in the Smithsonian and adorning the covers of magazines like […]

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Pet Food 2.0: A Fresh Look At Industry Innovations

September 23, 2014

Pet Food 2.0 (9/23-24, Chicago) showcases advances in science-based nutritional ingredients, packaging, and distribution in a marketplace that has not experienced such change since the early days of the industry, according to John Siefert, CEO, VIRGO Publishing, the company responsible for this event. This disruption requires “a new standard for an evolved industry” supporting innovation […]

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Net Neutrality: Bark To FCC For Internet By & For The People By 9/15

September 10, 2014

The need for net neutrality is all about open access to speed on the internet. The Internet has operated on this basis since inception: all sites load at the same speed. Cable and telecom companies want to set up toll booths, as in “nice website you have there, too bad no one will see it, […]

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Back to Work: Vacation Is Over

August 31, 2014

Back to work, vacation’s over a little early, but I made a very good try at being off the month of August. It probably seems to you like I did a better job of it than I actually did, but I’ll tell you about that a bit later. First, I want to ask you a […]

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Dog Diseases Transmitted to Humans: What’s Zoonotic, What’s Not?

August 21, 2014

What dog diseases are transmitted to humans? Almost everyone will respond with “rabies”, but then what? How do these zoonotic diseases jump from dogs into people and more importantly, how can you prevent it? While we’re at it, what diseases can we give our dogs? We’ll be exploring these questions and what you need to […]

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