Dog Beds

Dog Beds – For Home And Travel

Years ago, most dog owners had very few options when it came to providing their pet with a comfortable place to sleep or nap. In fact, pet owners who wanted their dogs to have the comfiest sleeping experience possible had to let their four-legged friends crawl into bed with them. Although some people enjoy sleeping with their dogs, just as many find it to be a major disturbance – and a rather messy affair. Dog beds are the obvious choice for people who want to give their dog his own special, dedicated place to sleep – and there are more options available for dog beds these days than ever before. Whether you need dog beds for in the home or for when you’re on the road, there’s bound to be a style that will suit your dog – and you – to a tee.

Dog Beds For The Home

Are you one of those dog owners who uses an old pillow as a makeshift dog bed for your pooch? While this arrangement might make him perfectly happy, you could spend a bit of money and invest in dog beds that will give him the healthiest, most restful sleep possible. Before highlighting the many different styles of dog beds available for the home, let’s take a quick look at what to look for in one:

·  Size – The size of your dog is going to be the biggest determinant as far as what kinds of dog beds you should look at in the store. Optimally, your dog should be able to stretch out completely on her dog bed; she shouldn’t be cramped or squished. Look for dog beds that are roomy so that your dog is as comfortable as possible.
·  Health – If your dog suffers from achy joints or other health issues, look for dog beds that are geared specifically for those isses. It’s amazing what well crafted dog beds can do for a dog suffering from various maladies.
·  Age – Similar to health, a dog’s age can come into play a great deal when you’re shopping for dog beds. Older dogs do best with specially designed, orthopedic dog beds where they can rest their aching bones.
·  Allergies – If you’ve noticed that your dog seems to be allergic to certain dog beds, it may be due to an allergic reaction. Watch his reaction carefully, and switch to a different material if the problem persists.
Below, we’ll highlight a few of the most popular styles of dog beds available today.

Basic Dog Mattresses

Also referred to simply as mats, mattresses are very basic kind of dog beds and tend to please the widest variety of dogs. One real perk of mattresses is that they suit dogs of all different sizes; even a very large dog can stretch out and find a comfortable position on these dog beds. Basic dog mattresses may be filled with foam or with cedar chips; if yours is filled with cedar chips, be sure that it can be refilled easily. Also, look for dog mattresses with removable, washable covers.

Orthopedic Dog Mattresses

Higher up the scale of dog beds, we have orthopedic dog mattresses. These days, there are even Memory Foam versions available for dogs that demand the absolute best. Other orthopedic dog mattresses are designed to address specific dog ailments like aching joints and hips. If your canine friend requires extra support or is simply more on the finicky side, you’ll be pleased at the wide array of dog beds that are designed with orthopedic features in mind.

Dog Rugs

For dogs who don’t need to sink deep into a plush mattress, specially designed rugs serve as excellent dog beds. These rugs are typically machine washable and usually contain a thin layer of soft foam that takes the edge off of a hard floor.


If your dog likes being extra cozy, cuddlers might be just the thing for him. Cuddlers are dog beds that are enclosed with short, padded walls; when your pup lies in one, he will be as snug as a bug in a rug. Although these types of dog beds are usually reserved for small to medium sized dogs, you can track down cuddlers for larger dogs if you’re willing to look around a bit.

Dog Sofas

Finally, dog sofas are examples of the top echelon of dog beds. In many cases, they are designed to closely resemble regular sofas and are available in a stunning array of colors, styles and designs. Dog sofas can add a delightful element to any room in your house, and they are sure to become your dog’s favorite place to rest and relax.

Dog Beds For Travel

If you’re like many dog owners, then you prefer to take your canine friend with you whenever possible. Most dogs enjoy traveling, and are eager to be included even on extended road trips. There are plenty of options when it comes to travel dog beds, which can offer a “home away from home” level of comfort for your tired dog. Invest in a travel dog bed, then hit the road without worry; below, we highlight a few of the most popular styles of travel dog beds.

Roll Up Dog Beds

Roll up dog beds are similar to dog rugs; they are usually thin but comfortable, and should include a machine washable cover. The convenient thing about them, though, is they can be rolled up and easily taken along on any trip. A good idea is to only use your roll up dog bed when you are on a trip – that way, your dog will know when it’s time for some adventure.

“Pop Up” Dog Beds

Today, there are dog beds made out of lightweight materials that “pop open” when unfolded. Usually, they include a pillow that can be washed separately. Your dog will adore having her very own travel bed to sleep in, and you’ll love how convenient it is to bring along.

Doggy Sleep Sacks

Finally, there are dog versions of the sleeping bags that humans love so much. Depending on the size of your dog, a doggy sleep sack might be just the thing for him or her. Now, your dog can snuggle up just like you!