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Ever since the movie Hotel For Dogs was released in early 2009, the number of inquiries around the country for dog hotels has soared. Between dog hotels – extended stay facilities for dogs that go above and beyond a standard kennel – and dog friendly hotels, pet owners are more discerning and demanding than ever before, and why not? For many people, their dog truly is their best friend, and the idea of leaving such a close, beloved member of the family in some old kennel is decidedly unappealing. Dog hotels offer an excellent solution for this problem, and a growing number of regular hotel chains, eager to reel in more customers, are becoming downright dog friendly. If you’re looking for a hotel for dogs, dog hotels or dog friendly hotel chains, read on.

Dog Hotels – How Are They Different Than Kennels?

Standard dog boarding facilities are all well and good, but genuine dog hotels are springing up all around the country – and the world. In addition to all of the basic features offered by a standard kennel or boarding facility, dog hotels offer a suite of additional services and amenities that make them decidedly luxurious, even decadent by many standards. So, what’s included in a hotel for dogs? A few of the features included at places like The Tipton Pet Hotel in Lubbock, Texas and the Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel in London include:

  • Lodging Top dog hotels often offer individual rooms for larger dogs, and smaller dogs may share a room. Either way, one of the main points of a hotel for dogs is that it gives an incredible amount of space for each pet. Unlike a traditional dog boarding facility, dog hotels are all about roominess; dogs are never kept in close quarters in a true hotel for dogs. Each individual room usually boasts an array of toys, exceptional bedding and other upscale amenities that will make your pet feel like king of the castle during their stay.
  • Recreation As a part of their service, dog hotels usually offer regularly scheduled activities to keep dogs active, happy and entertained. While regular kennels and dog boarding facilities may offer a dog run or a handful of toys, a hotel for dogs will have more elaborate activities to keep pets stimulated – and to keep them from getting bored. The staff at most dog hotels is trained in getting groups of dogs together without incident, pack management, so that they may interact with one another without problems arising. Many dog hotels also offer extensive outdoor areas and well appointed grounds where dogs can roam and run freely – and safely.
  • Spa Services A major area of care where a hotel for dogs differs from a typical kennel is in the spa services it provides. Spa services that are commonly offered at dog hotels may include extensive grooming services, bathing, and even canine massage. When your dog comes home from her stay at a hotel for dogs, she should look well rested, perfectly coiffed and completely rejuvenated; that’s the promise of dog hotels, and it’s a huge part of what makes them so popular.
  • Monitoring Online As an added bonus, many dog hotels offer online monitoring capabilities so that anxious owners can keep an eye on their pets from afar. Special webcams are kept in dogs’ rooms, and owners are given private links where they can log on and see what their furry friend is up to. It’s a wonderful way to ease your mind and to ensure that all is well with your beloved dog.

Finding A Dog Friendly Hotel

Traveling with a dog can be a lot of fun – but the logistics of finding a place that allows your pet to stay with you can be a nightmare. Fortunately, more hotels than ever before are welcoming dogs with open arms. There are many ways to find a hotel for dogs to stay at with you; below, we take a look at a few simple strategies.


Check With Your Favorite Chain

If you already have a hotel chain that you prefer dealing with, it doesn’t hurt to call them up and ask them about their pet policy. You might be surprised to learn that the hotel you regularly use is, in fact, a hotel for dogs. More large hotel chains than ever before are allowing guests to bring their pets; Best Western hotels in the UK, for example, not only allow dogs but offer a roster of dog-friendly services that have dog owners choosing them over the competition time and time again. The Ritz, Four Seasons, Swissotel, Hotel Monaco, Holiday Inn, and La Quinta also allow pets.

Looking for pet-friendly hotels? Choice Hotels provides accommodation for our favorite pets.

Do Your Research Online

The Internet is a treasure trove of information when it comes to finding dog hotels and dog-friendly hotels. Websites like allow you to quickly and easily search many destinations for nearby dog hotels. There’s no reason why you can’t find a hotel for dogs wherever you’re going; you might just have to do a bit of digging online first.

And I think you’re gonna love this: Go Pet Friendly is the place to go when you are traveling with dogs. If you want to know about dog-friendly hotels along your route of travel, you’ll be able to map out your route, check out which inns and hotels you like in advance, even see which have non-refundable deposits and which do not:) And there’s more – they have a feature that will tell you about dog-friendly restaurants, shops, tourist sights, local dog parks and hiking trails.

Get A Referral

Like so many things in life, a referral from a friend might be just the thing you need to track down the right hotel for dogs. As a dog owner, you probably know many other people with four-legged friends; ask around among your social circle and your family to find out if anyone knows of any great dog hotels. Chances are, somebody you know has traveled with their dog before and can point you in the right direction.

Keep Your Pet Happy While You Travel

Whether you check her in to a bona fide dog hotel, or track down a dog-friendly hotel that lets her stay with you, there’s no need to leave your dog behind at a boring old kennel anymore. In this exciting new world of dog hotels, your dog can have just as much as you do when you head out on a vacation – and you’ll both return home refreshed and happy from a much-needed break.

Top 10 Pet Hotels: 2008 Results

According to and based on reviews by readers and editors of the Web site:

1. Gazebo Inn Ogunquit: Ogunquit, Maine (average nightly rate, $164)

2. TierraLinda Bed and Breakfast: Galena, Ill. ($135)

3. Sleepy Dog Guest House: Bisbee, Ariz. ($95)

4. Spruce Moose Lodge and Cottages: North Conway, N.H. ($124)

5. Brittania and W.E. Mauger Estate Bed and Breakfast: Albuquerque, N.M. ($127)

6. Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort: San Simeon, Calif. ($210)

7. La Quinta Inn and Suites Madison American Center: Madison, Wis. ($124)

8. Hotel Marlowe: Cambridge, Mass. ($316)

9. Hotel Monaco: Denver ($289)

10. Paw House Inn: West Rutland, Vt. ($225)


Wow, I had no idea this was becoming so popular. It seem absolutely adorable, and I would love to work at a hotel for dogs. It's also a really good idea, because the word "kennel" carries a negative connotation that a lot of people don't want to think about when they have to leave their dogs. I know I would rather leave my furry four-legged friend at a hotel then a kennel. 

Gary Puntman
Gary Puntman

My family is taking a few vacations this summer, so we need to take our dog to the vet.  I will have to find some place nice to keep her.  A dog hotel sounds like it would be really nice.  I'm sure my dog would be comfortable staying at one. 


Dog hotels sound like a great place for your dog to go while you're away for a while or on vacation! From the things you've listed here, I almost wish I could stay at a dog hotel! Who wouldn't want a lot of room space, recreational activities to do, and all the food you could want? They even get spa treatments! Pets really are like family and there are quite a few people that are willing to spend the money to make sure their pet is pampered and taken care of while they're away. 

dog hotel orange county
dog hotel orange county

I travel a lot for work. I have found that taking my dog to the same facility every time where people know the animal and the animal knows them makes the transition of my traveling away from my favorite pup in  the whole world a lot easier on him.


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