Five Star Raw Dog Food: Pet Safety First

by Mary Haight on January 22, 2016

If you read this blog often, you’ll know I do very few sponsored dog food reviews. The “one and done” approach doesn’t seem adequate to getting to know a dog food.

To me, sharing products I really like, know, and use is what friends do! And I’m doing that today for a company in the super-premium category, Five Star and their raw dog food.

This is a sponsored post. The text and opinions are my own.

Pet Safety First

five star raw dog food

Five Star Raw Frozen Dog Food — human grade food, USDA Certified and quality controlled.

When I first heard about Five Star Raw Dog Food, I had all the immediate concerns on the tip of my tongue: Any ingredients from China (No), raw ingredients source (US), what about the vitamins (US).

Then I took a breath and was told all ingredients are human grade. Not only that, but each run is made in small batches with a USDA agent continuously present.

The USDA agent inspects incoming ingredients, confirms sourcing is as stated, and enforces sanitation codes. I smiled. Then I grinned.

There aren’t many USDA certified raw frozen pet foods out there. It’s a demanding, meticulous, and expensive process. But more on that later, let’s get to the good stuff.

Five Star Raw dog food reviewed by the experts…

Five Star Raw Dog Food

“Yes, I’ll just start now, thanks!” Kiki is very food driven…and loves this Five Star Raw Dog Food.

Expert #1 is wasting no time getting to the meat of the matter. (A few months ago that chub would have been wrenched from my hand, but she has such good manners now…)

Having removed frozen chubs from the shipping box and thawed in the refrigerator overnight, we prepped dinner for two, adding Five Star into the mix of current food.

I have to add, I had not intended Tashi to be one of the experts. I opened the duck dinner and was looking at this

Five Star raw dog food duck

Wow, this looks good. Tashi said “Whatever that smell is attached to, that’s mine!”

when I heard a Shih Tzu voice talking to me, and he wouldn’t stop until I relented. He’s 16 going on 17 and I thought this might be more Kiki’s style, but he really enjoyed his new food topper! So enters expert #2.

Five Star Raw and Tashi

Dogs young and old, big and small, agree Five Star is yummy!

Take a look at the servings:

Five Star Raw Dog food

Five Star served as a topper is a great part of any diet, especially if you rotate your proteins. This stuff looks good, smells good, and has no after effects, in our experience, like gas.

And since you can’t really see Kiki’s food very well, here’s another angle — a close up:

Five Star raw dog food body

Great texture in Five Star food. It holds up to slicing, is never heated or irradiated.

Now, you won’t be able to see Tashi eating…this does not work with him — all you see is head and ears =) But I did get a nice shot of Kiki scarfing down her raw food first:

Five Star raw food race

Kiki races through her Five Star raw dog food, the first time I noticed her nose crinkles!

And again…

Five Star Raw

Feeling what I imagine might be a little wild with all that rawness, Kiki works on polishing off the new food first!

Super-premium Five Star — What it means for you

Here are a few benefits you get when choosing Five Star:

  • Five Star diets meet a higher standard. Human Grade here means the end product is safe for humans to eat. Pet foods are “feed” grade, not for human consumption.
  • Cold manufacturing is used and has been labeled the key to safety for raw food, ensuring all ingredients are below 28 degrees throughout the production run. This prevents the growth of pathogens.
  • Food is packaged into 1 lb. airtight chubs and stored at 8 degrees.
  • Fill in your pet’s weight, choose a feeding plan, and the correct amount of food will be delivered to you every two weeks.

As long as your dog is healthy, it’s a very good idea to let her experience different proteins to get the best nutrition. Even if you don’t want to change your dog’s food, you can enhance it by using Five Star as a topping or as training treats.

Our sponsored review of Five Star raw dog food ends here, but if you have questions or concerns about feeding raw, please comment below and we’ll get the answers!

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