Pet Tutor: Positive Training Tool A High Tech Hit

by Mary Haight on October 30, 2015

pet tutor bluIs your dog in love with the sound of his own voice? Do you worry your home alone pal is often bored and is the reason he’s shredding your magazines? Anxious behaviors can escalate and impair quality of life. You’ve probably got a Kong, maybe some puzzle toys, but once you’re out the door those items are likely scarfed as fast as their paws, claws, or beaks can manage. Then how does your dog fill the countless hours that follow? Pet Tutor has a remedy for that, and more!

Positive Training Tool Solves & Prevents Problems

Pet Tutor says their Blu is the “world’s smartest pet games & training system” and it’s not hype. Happy and quiet pets are reported by users everywhere.

Trainers and pet parents report that it stops nuisance barking, works in crate training making it a place where good things happen, quiets dogs in kennels, is used in search and rescue, in agility (which you’ll hear a little more about in the podcast), and as an aid for separation anxiety. This tool is designed to be very quiet so it won’t startle sensitive dogs.

Dinner is no longer a burden on your dog’s digestive system. Instead of a meal served in a bowl, kibble is shot across the floor in intervals and amounts you set. Your dog chases and forages for his food, a more natural behavior that is healthier and fun for pets. Oh, and if you need to offer high-value treats like hot dogs, they work in the chamber too!

Pet Tutor provides life enrichment with games and rewards, so your dog will get mental stimulation and physical exercise when you’re not home. No more dogs bouncing off the walls when you return. It can also help your dog more easily accept that you’re leaving the house and side-step the emotional difficulties dogs have being left alone and the anxious behaviors that can develop.

Pet Tutor Blu, The Next Generation

Change happens fast in technology. The Pet Tutor Blu is equipped with a connection to Bluetooth Low Energy, allowing connection to smartphones, laptops, etc. With one device you can control many different feeders to train multiple dogs. This connectivity also provides more processing power for other uses. (Check out the spreadsheet add-on software.)

Research is being conducted around the world in behavior studies requiring remote control functionality and they’re using Pet Tutor Blu. Since it’s open architecture, researchers write and connect their code to Pet Tutor and begin the study.

You may remember the post/podcast interview with Erick Eidus and his PupPod Kickstarter (funded!). This is one example of how open architecture speeds up development of useful innovations in the dog training and behavior space.

Luminaries in the training space like Bob Bailey, Former CEO/COO Animal Behavior Enterprises, International Consultant, Jean Donaldson, Founder The Academy for Dog Trainers [renowned authority in science based dog training], and Ken McCort, Behavior Consultant for over 50 species, have given glowing testimonials for Pet Tutor.

Check out Smart Animal Training Systems for more. Enjoy the interview =)

(If you are currently using this product, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.)

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