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by Mary Haight on September 28, 2015

PupPod Smart Toy for DogsThere’s a new smart toy in town, it’s not like anything you’ve seen, and may signal the end of dog toys as we know them! Bold statement, but what would you say to smart toys for dogs that were part of an expandable gaming platform, like the Xbox? That’s PupPod!

PupPod challenges your dog’s cognitive abilities with increasing levels of difficulty, without over-facing them, so their brain is being exercised every time they play with the toy.

PupPod Makes Being Home Alone Fun

New to pet parents and smart toys are activity analytics. Understanding more about how your dog learns with this rewards-based system can lead to a better relationship with your dog. Not to mention better timing with those treats =)

You can see how your dog is progressing through the various learning levels (one really cute story you’ll hear during the show involves tester Penny the Pug, the brainiac who blew past level 3 — engineers went back to work).

Live streaming video of sessions means you can tune into your dog’s activity via an app. You can even interact with the game and your dog! Notifications and post-worthy video clips are sent to you when your dog has done something special. No moment is missed — like advancing to a new level of difficulty. Who’s the next social media video star going to be?

Next Generation Smart Toys for Dogs

Have you seen all the research being done on finding out how dogs think and learn, how learning impacts the brain, changing its size, and staves off cognitive disease similar to Alzheimer’s in dogs? It’s a hot topic. In fact, Dr. Karen Overall, MA, VMD, Ph.D., Diplomate ACVB just held an event on “The Importance of Exercising your Dog’s Brain for Optimal Mental and Physical Health.”

We all want the best for our dogs. What could be better than helping your dog have fun and be entertained when you can’t be there, knowing what an important edge you’re giving him for good mental and physical health, especially through those senior years? Smart toys for dogs — it’s a great time to be a dog’s person!

Need more reasons before you run to their Kickstarter page to secure one of your own? Listen to the show for more details from Erick Eidus, CEO, and co-founder of PupPod.


Note: There’s a survey you can take to help this start-up continuously improve and better serve customers — it’s quick and easy, promise!

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