Beagle Freedom Project: Research Animals Win!!

by Mary Haight on September 17, 2015

BeagleFreedomProject3Beagle Freedom Project hit a home run this Summer:

  1. Nevada and Connecticut passed the Beagle Freedom Bill giving facilities a right to release for adoption those animals who qualify when testing ends;
  2. an 11-State research animal rescue of historic proportion;
  3. an innovative new program leveraging the Freedom of Information Act and crowd-sourcing to gain release of more laboratory animals;
  4. the recent win by popular vote of $500,000 from Microsoft in their 10th global Upgrade Your World contest.

This is one busy organization making serious inroads in rescue, legislation, and public awareness campaigns! But, wait, what about other animals?

Beagle Freedom Project Not Just For Beagles


Beagle is highlighted in the name because they are the most popular choice for research labs. This mission includes all dogs, cats, pigs, horses, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, and others. I came across cats and a lovely rabbit from Switzerland when looking through their pages of adoptable animals.

Cats, as you can imagine, do not do well in research labs, and the truth is more die during testing due to the invasive nature of biomedical research . You may have seen photos on social media that you never wanted to see. I won’t go into detail.

There are problems in the law, how the FDA requires animal testing for drugs, vaccines, and other biologics and medical devices to prove safety. Manufacturer’s have to follow these laws. Beagle Freedom Project supports a Federal Ban on animal testing, given the current science available. More on that in the recording below.

Research Animal Adoptions, Testing Laws, Science

I asked Shannon Keith, Founder (2004) and Chairman of Animal Rescue Media & Education (ARME), how she got into research animal rescue, added in 2010 as ARME’s mission under the Beagle Freedom Project name.  We cover a lot of territory in our 24 minutes. You’ll hear about what happens to the animals after leaving the lab:

  • How they are prepared for adoption
  • What adopting families should expect
  • What’s required of adopting families
  • Cruelty free homes (and an app!)

I was so excited to hear about their crowd-sourcing project using the Freedom of Information Act and I think you will be too! So many more dogs might make it into good homes through this inventive pairing of available tools. This is just one of at least a dozen things you can do to help this cause =)

After listening to the show, you might want to follow the Beagle Freedom Project on Facebook and Twitter

(Photos courtesy of Beagle Freedom Project)

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