Pet Safety: How Safe Are Pet Products?

by Mary Haight on August 12, 2015

pet product safety I noticed a tweet to the FDA the other day, asking them to make sure pet products are safe before they’re sold in stores. Someone’s puppy had died. I wondered if the petitioner discovered there are no regulations requiring pet products be tested for safety before going to market.

According to the Center for Pet Safety this includes toys, even safety equipment like life jackets (and it is reported that one was built so poorly, test results are said to indicate it assists your dog in drowning) safety harnesses, carriers, crates, pet car seats and more. What’s a pet parent supposed to do?

Pet Safety Product Claims Revealed

Of course, you would rightly think most manufacturers want to produce a good, popular product that everyone wants to buy. They make a profit, grow their company, some maybe fund their charitable interests…but counting on self-regulation is a real danger in any industry. Due diligence is important and independent testing provides the best avenue for transparency.

Public trust is not something a company wants to lose, and that’s what happens when there’s a massive product failure. We’ve seen it before in pet food, treat, and chew products.

I hope brands are lining up to get the Logo Seal of Approval bragging rights available to those who fully comply with standards, though according to test results, many have their work cut out for them. Pet parents want companies to build pet safety into all their brands.

The Center for Pet Safety helps industry help itself and our pets. Standards for pet product safety are at last being formulated through independent science-based testing. Bark Out Loud!

2015 Crate & Carrier Crashworthy Study Findings

You may remember the stunning videos from this organization in 2013, when the safety harness study was released. It was a real shocker to find so many harnesses claiming crashworthiness failed catastrophically. Unfortunately, this year’s results show once again show the necessity for this third party testing process.

pet product safety 2015

Listen in to this informative interview with Lindsey Wolko, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the Center for Pet Safety, as she talks about the 2015 results for pet carriers, the expert testing organization they use, what to look for in advertising spin,  what’s up next for CPS, and how you can get involved.

I hope you’ve avoided crashing with a non-crashworthy pet safety restraint, but if not and you’d like to share, we’re all ears. What was your first experience with an unsafe pet product?

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