Getting Naked for Money, on Kickstarter!

by Mary Haight on May 29, 2015

Getting Naked for MoneyWho doesn’t love getting naked — even better when it’s for money! You may have heard that author Edie Jarolim has ventured into crowdfunding for her latest book project, Getting Naked for Money, on Kickstarter.

Artists and authors appear to have a good rate of success at Kickstarter. Edie talks about what her experience has been so far, why she chose the Kickstarter platform, offers tips to writers that could make crowdfunding easier for them, and shares the differences between self-publishing versus the traditional model where an advance is paid. It’s always a good thing to be able to eat while getting the job done!

Dog as Fundraiser and PR Agent

I would be remiss if no mention was made of another mouth to feed with the proceeds from a successful crowdfunding: Edie’s adopted dog, Madeleine. A charming terrier mix, she has acquired a taste for some of the finer things. See for yourself in this video…


Her human is also a food writer and I suspect a soft touch when it comes to sharing contents of the inexplicably named but no doubt yummy “doggie bag” leftovers from various assignments. Nevermind, it’s fair trade for the funds Madeleine brought in recently — did I say she was charming?

Full Disclosure – because isn’t that what we’re talking about?

I’ve known Edie Jarolim since our early days as bloggers. She was a dog blogger at her popular and entertaining Will My Dog Hate Me site. In 2011, we worked together for nearly a year at Animal Cafe, where she was the Pet Travel Correspondent.

You may think I was taking liberties, playing on the phrase getting naked for money when this post is about crowdfunding for a book, but I have not tried to trick you at all, dear reader.

While the subheading of the book may sound tame, An accidental travel writer reveals all, I am certain it is anything but. In fact, the backstory for the title, Getting Naked for Money, has to do with a magazine that offered Edie lots of money to get naked…who knew travel writing could be so risque! She shares the facts in the podcast.

You can find everything you need to know and the link for the Kickstarter at EdieJarolim. You can even get an advance copy of the book for a mere $10 donation to the project. Tell all your friends, especially those who like to laugh =)

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