Finding Lost Dogs: How To Find And Catch Your Lost Dog

by Mary Haight on February 16, 2015

finding lost dogsIf you’ve ever had a dog bolt out the front door and down the street, back out of a collar in fear and run, or wondered what you would do if you lost your dog, this is the podcast for you. Finding lost dogs takes a small army of community members who know many of the finer points of what works and what doesn’t in catching a dog that has reverted to her primal mind — a dog that does not recognize her own family when they call out for her. It’s a harsh lesson so many learn the hard way, even as their dog left the house moments ago, calling her name and chasing her does nothing but drive her further away.

What to Do When Instincts Fail…

Mel Freer, owner and writer of No Dog About It, relates her experience of finding lost dogs, losing at first all three of her dogs due to a freak accident, regaining control of two, and spending the next 12 days searching for her Sheltie, Cupcake, fielding sighting calls, and learning how true it is that it takes a village to find — and catch — a loose dog. The experience was a real eye-opener for her and made her look at stray dogs in a completely different light — most are not “strays”, she said, they are lost dogs. In this conversation, you’ll get answers to questions like:

  1. If calling and running after your dog is not going to work, what does?
  2. How many different places do you need to notify of your lost dog to cover all bases?
  3. What organizations specialize in this work and are they in your area?
  4. What tools can be used to lure your dog back home or into a confined area?
  5. How can you organize reported sightings to set traps in areas likely to bring success?
  6. What else do you need to know to be better prepared should this happen to you and your dog?

Finding lost dogs involves using the right tools, getting help from skilled people, and luck. Being prepared in advance should this happen to you or someone you know can raise your chances of a successful capture and might even speed up the process of bringing your dog back home.  Mel Freer was helped in her search by Minnesota Sheltie Rescue and Lost Dogs of Minnesota. Who’s working in your area? Enjoy the podcast!

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