Holidays with Dogs: Positive Training Tips Podcast

by Mary Haight on December 21, 2014

Holidays with DogsHolidays with dogs are a joy — how much fun is it to watch them romp in the snow, find and open their gifts, play tag with the surf on the beach, or hike through the woods? Who doesn’t remember the first Christmas with their dog — how wonderful and weird it was for them to watch us dragging that tree into the house — a tree, in the house! But no leg lifting =)

No matter where you live or which holiday it is, it need not be a stress-fest for you *or* your dog. Whether you’re starting out with a new furry member of the household or helping a senior dog cope with an influx of strangers arriving for parties, even staying for a few days, it pays to be prepared and that means preparing your dog.

Positive Training Tips To Keep You and Your Dog Happy

Procrastination might be your favorite pastime, or your dog may be an “easy keeper” — does all the basics with a good recall — so you figure that’s good enough for you both. I confess this describes my work with Tashi, until he got older. That level of understanding between you and your dog can work for most of the  year, but you know how holidays can turn your world upside down — imagine what all that preparation, different food smells, added or rearranged furniture, and a generalized increased sense of human stress and excited anticipation does to your dog’s world!

Is it any wonder your dog does things out of character during the holiday hubbub? It should come as no surprise that stress levels increase for them too, sometimes resulting in a mad dash out the front door. This, and the added worry of people feeding your dogs things that can make them sick or worse, can be neatly avoided with training. If you’re in the aforementioned group of procrastinators, there’s still hope for you using positive management techniques that best suit your dog and your home.

Holidays with Dogs, Avoiding Drama

I spoke with Maggie Marton, owner/writer of Oh My Dog Blog, who has a book, Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup showcasing a positive training method. We were talking the other day about holiday drama and the impact on dogs and I thought it would be a nice gift to listeners to share the conversation about the evolution in training methods and resulting useful tips on how to manage your furry family when your human family and friends arrive for the festivities. Yes, Zelda, happy holidays with dogs are possible for everyone =)

Any particular methods you like to use with your dogs when company comes? Listen in and let us know!




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