Dogs of War Documentary: PTSD Veterans & Shelter Dogs

by Mary Haight on November 11, 2014

dogs of war documentaryThe Dogs of War documentary series premieres tonight on A&E, 10pm Eastern, and will be one reality show worth watching. This series will follow individuals and their dogs and does not shrink from capturing on film what living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is like, and what a vital role these dogs play in the healing process.

Service Dogs help “normalize” daily life for veterans with this condition. While there is no cure for PTSD, hope on four legs has been a winning form of treatment that changes future outcomes for veterans and their families.

There will be a repeat at 2am Wednesday, Eastern, to record if you miss it. Going forward, the series will air Sunday nights (check your listings for times).

I’ve written often about the shortage of trained Service Dogs for Veterans suffering from PTSD, and am pleased to see PetCo is sponsoring the Dogs of War documentary, showcasing a returned veteran, Jim Stanek, and his wife, Lindsey Stanek who, when faced with a cost of $60,000 and a very long wait for a dog for Jim, decided to start their own organization to train service dogs, Paws and Stripes!

If you get a chance to tune in and feel like sharing anything that surprised you, we’re listening.


I never heard of this series before- it looks really interesting. I am going to have to check to see if there are any recordings of the past shows.


@MyBrownNewfies I just caught the date on the blog post but I set my DVR to tape the upcoming repeat and future episodes. Thank you!❤


I was able to catch the show last night and found it really interesting.  The initial reaction from the wife, being worried about being replaced by the dog, was something I never thought about. I'm hoping they focus more on the dog training aspects with future episodes, but I Iearned a lot from watching the show.

MaryEHaight moderator

@chasingdogtales That same thing really surprised me too! I'm looking forward to this series that looks like it's going to run for two seasons. I bet everyone is going to learn something they didn't know about how this disorder affects people. It will be fun to watch the dog's learning process,the training used, and the deepening of the relationship as they become a team.  Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!.

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