Pet Food 2.0: A Fresh Look At Industry Innovations

by Mary Haight on September 23, 2014

pet food 2.0Pet Food 2.0 (9/23-24, Chicago) showcases advances in science-based nutritional ingredients, packaging, and distribution in a marketplace that has not experienced such change since the early days of the industry, according to John Siefert, CEO, VIRGO Publishing, the company responsible for this event. This disruption requires “a new standard for an evolved industry” supporting innovation that moves the global market forward, and so the launch of Pet Food 2.0.

The conference promotes the “what’s next?” in pet food rather than simply what’s happening now,  and presents what struck me as a Shark-Tank-like session by five suppliers, each given three minutes to present their value propositions, market need, and quality. The audience votes on the product that best fits the 2.0 definition — fun and instructive!

Content and Conversation Designed To Spark Debate

To give you a taste of what’s of interest to attendees, there are breakfast discussion roundtables looking at key topics impacting the industry with experts sharing what they know and giving participants a chance to voice concerns and interests. Talks at roundtables revolve around GMOs, oral care, raw food, and FDA pet food rules.

Another feature is a year-long product innovation awards program for those companies that demonstrate disruptive thinking in the formulation, packaging, and distribution sectors of the industry. I am aware of two companies among the first five recipients, The Honest Kitchen and Petcurean, both most deserving of the title.

On the agenda, “Ingredients and the Consumer Activist”, a session given by Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS, with a look at what activists are asking for and how that affects company’s formulations and marketing strategies. We’ll discuss more on his presentation in another podcast. Today we have Dr. Silver on why he’s talking to industry about consumer activists concerns over ingredients in pet food. You can reach him on his website, Holistic Cancer Vet, and his Facebook page.

Sit down and join us for a few minutes if you can! If you have questions, leave them in the comments and I will alert Dr. Silver.


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