Back to Work: Vacation Is Over

by Mary Haight on August 31, 2014

back to workBack to work, vacation’s over a little early, but I made a very good try at being off the month of August. It probably seems to you like I did a better job of it than I actually did, but I’ll tell you about that a bit later. First, I want to ask you a couple of questions. Hope you don’t mind!

I often wonder, even after 5 years and 10 months of writing this blog, what would readers like to hear more about? So now I’m going to ask you if you’ll work a little too! What would you like to see more of here on Dancing Dog Blog? I’ve met so many excellent people in various pet industry specialties — what two or three things would help you and your life with dogs through the remainder of 2014? You can comment below of course, but if you prefer, you can send me an email (found in the “About” section).

Time Out For My Senior Dog — How We Spent Our Vacation

I never had a dog that made it to 15 years old. If you’ve been reading for awhile you may know the story of how I found Tashi found me, but he was around 7 months old when he was picked up off the streets in Chicago by a wonderful policeman to whom I am forever grateful.

I decided since August is a fairly quiet month for things internet, like blogs, it would be the perfect time to unplug from at least that aspect of online life, and instead go out into the world with my dog. It’s been beyond a wonderful experience.

Tashi and I spent the time as a kind of celebration of our long companionship and all the changes we’ve shared — well, that’s what it was for me, anyway. I think Tashi just loved all the extra attention. We explored new places during walks, took car trips around the area and met other dogs who share similar reserved traits — overly enthusiastic dogs with no sense of personal space and manners need not apply.

Tashi at 7 Months, Home from the Shelter

back to work

I don’t know why, but dogs that get up in his face hold less charm for Tashi than a thundering freight train with its whistle wailing during Fourth of July fireworks. It was the one and only time I *ever* saw Tashi wheel around, snap his jaws, repeatedly, and growl a warning at another dog. I laughed at that memory, and for a moment wondered if he picked up the personal space reaction from me!

Tashi is a bit more deaf now than he was 6 months ago. Except for sharp sounds like keys dropped on a table, or the deep rumblings of thunder or the crack of lightening, his world is largely a silent one. Maybe he still hears things we can’t. He can hear me, or at least sense loving murmurings, when he’s cuddled against my chest and the tone of my voice resounds against his little body. He “talks” to me now more in those moments, in the sing-song way that Shih Tzus do. I think it’s because he misses hearing me speak to him, however unscientific that conclusion is. We’ve been working on re-enforcing hand signals and looking to me (watch me) for instructions should they be necessary. His response is not quick, he’s half blind, too, but I make it part of the games we play now.

Taking time out to spend with Tashi has enriched my life, and his too I hope. I would recommend this, or something like it, to anyone. But now to answer what I meant by that statement at the beginning of the post.

Back to Work — Did I Really Leave?

Okay, yes, I only did one podcast and post, plus this post for the month. I did share lots of good content on Twitter, Facebook, some on G+ and Pinterest, too. I also read a couple of books to prepare for two interviews with writers I hope you’re really going to like, and did a podcast interview with a Vet who will be talking about pet food ingredients at the Pet Food 2.0 industry Conference coming up in Chicago in a couple of weeks. So not a total slacker here…

Hope you had a great vacation, too! We are back to work and waiting to hear from you =)


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