Dog Dental Care: How To Prevent Disease

by Mary Haight on July 31, 2014

pet dental carePet parents usually have at least one eye on the lookout for the best ways to manage the health, safety, and welfare of their furry family. Dog dental care is one of the quickest gateways to covering a host of ills that begin with those maybe not-so-pearly whites. How can you prevent dental disease from taking hold and keep your dog’s teeth clean? Do you know what works, and sometimes more importantly, do you know what doesn’t?

To get to the root of  these questions, Dr April Steele is back to help sort out the good information from the bad. You will get the lowdown on what’s new in this field, practices we can use at home and what products she knows work (with no affiliations to those products) from observing patients progress. Don’t miss the podcast below and note that the Q&A session starts at approximately the 12 minute mark.

Smart Heath Care Begins At Home

It sometimes amazes me how advanced so many areas of vet care have become, catching up on many fronts with human health care. Dog dental care is steering in that direction, but as Dr Steele points out vet care across he country is not all at the same level.

If you look at your own State, you can see the differences in rural and urban practices that can reflect the demand and economics of those areas. But those differences find a powerful equalizer when pet parents decide to care for their dogs with prevention in mind. It can save your dog unnecessary pain, as it saves you the anxiety and in some cases heartbreak when your dog gets sick and the family budget won’t budge.

Listen in for instructions on how to brush your dog’s teeth, with a brush or gauze, and what happens when you do to stop plaque build up. You’ll be relieved to learn what you don’t need to do if you decide to brush. And if you know yourself well enough to know you will never keep up a regimen of brushing your dog’s teeth, there are other really easy answers that produce promising results!

If you have any questions, Dr. Apryl will answer them in the comments. Now see if you can’t sink your teeth into this podcast (sorry, I really had to fit that in somewhere)

Photo Source: “Azawakh K9“.  (via Wikimedia Commons)

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