Dancing Dog Blog Up for “Best Dog Blog 2014″ DogTime Petties Award

by Mary Haight on July 10, 2014

best dog blog 2014Gobsmacked. That’s the word that fits exactly what it felt like when a friend told me Dancing Dog Blog was a finalist for “Best Dog Blog 2014″. I blinked, and then blinked again. I hoped that what I was typing on my phone was readable as I asked “What — really?” I was so confused! I had not lobbied on social media channels or written a post announcing that I wanted to be nominated, please vote for me. How did this happen? It came out of nowhere and hit me in the head, in the nicest way…

I don’t know who organized this, but I want to say thank you, so much! I’m not one who loves surprises, but this is one I really really liked!

That there’s a $1000 gift to a shelter of the winner’s choice is fantastic — so many dogs need medical attention as soon as they arrive at a shelter and this will help get them on the adoption list faster.

Don’t Run When You See Me Coming…

I’m not going to hound you for votes, dog your heels when you visit, or herd you into a corner if you happen to run into me on social media. I won’t be stalking for favors (even if I *am* wearing a shirt that says “Vote for Me in the Petties Awards”). That said, if you want to vote for Dancing Dog Blog, here’s the voting link, or hit the button in the margin — easy =) Voting is now open!

You can vote once a day until August 7, midnight, PST. If you want to be sure not to miss anything going on here, you can subscribe by RSS or Email.

Whatever the outcome, being nominated as a finalist for “Best Dog Blog 2014″ is an honor I very much appreciate!

The truly grand thing about the Petties? Shelter dogs (and cats) win, no…matter…what!


best dog blog 2014

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