Pet Food Safety: Pet Parents vs China’s Chicken Jerky Treats, An Interview

by Mary Haight on June 14, 2014

pet food safetyPet food safety has been an ongoing battle, but especially so for the past seven years. Many thought the nightmare would end when melamine was discovered as the contaminant in pet food that killed thousands of pets in 2007/08. Though we’ve heard about it in a flurry of news from time to time, there has been little to report but frustration and failure to find the agent or combination of agents in Chicken Jerky Treats from China that is making pets sick or worse.

It was a relief to hear some good news about the Nestle settlement the other day, even as these efforts  for pet food safety are gearing up for getting Target and others to remove treats from China from stores.

The news I really wanted to hear and share was what the people from Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China had to say about their recent invitation to Washington, D.C. and how their years-long efforts to keep pets safe from toxic treats may be paying off in ways we hadn’t dared hope.

I’m not going to take your time reading a long post. We ran *very* long on this podcast, but don’t fret — I edited…and edited, until I broke my mouse(!), and it’s been cut from one-and-a-half hours to less than 30 minutes. Meet Tracey Atkinson-Bagatta and Terry Safranek, two of six co-founders, who want you to know they have a lot of work ahead if pet food safety is going to continue to be on the Congressional agenda.

If you want to know more you can check the public page  for this group at Animal Parents Against Pet Treats and Food Made in China.

Listen in while you’re grooming your dog, cooking in the kitchen, or from whatever your favorite lounging spot is — I think you’ll be glad you did!


Thanks for sharing this info,  Mary!!

Robert Truog
Robert Truog

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Angela Mclean
Angela Mclean

I have been following this situation with the dog treats from China. It is about time something is mandated. Thank you so much for posting about this issue, as I think it is one that needs to be shared with the owners of pets. I'll definitely check out the podcast to hear more of what your thoughts are. 

MaryEHaight moderator

@Angela Mclean  It's great to share this news and I agree pet owners need to hear this! Thanks for stopping by Angela!

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