It’s National Pet Week: Celebrate Your Pets, Be Kind to Animals!

by Mary Haight on May 7, 2014

National Pet WeekNational Pet Week is here! Got any plans? The first full week in May is set aside to celebrate the bond you and your pet share. Funny thing is, it’s also the 99th year of Be Kind to Animals Week and, as if this were not enough (and really, can there ever be enough kindness to animals?), it’s National Pet Month! Bark out loud, the dog bowl runneth over =)

May really shines the spotlight on our furry family members. What can you do to celebrate your pets?

Pet Health Care

Pets are family, and with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and American Humane Association (AHA) behind National Pet Week and Be Kind to Animals Week, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s Spring — a great time to get pets to the Vet if you haven’t already!

Yearly visits to your veterinarian can help catch disease before it’s too late. It’s key to prevention and wellness for pets. You also might want to look into a new program available to vets to offer clients from Partners for Healthy Pets (that’s the AVMA, AHA, AAHA, and others) that helps you pay that big bill, and more, in monthly payments over a year.  Your vet may not know about it, so be sure to ask if they will look into it. The gift of continued good health — what a great way to show you care.

Pamper Your Pet During National Pet Week

A professional grooming session is a fun and yet productive way to show your pet some love, especially for the double-coated and curly breeds. It’s been a really hard winter for so many, and nothing says Spring like a fresh newly coiffed coat. Your dog will feel great, and so will you when that eau de dog is transformed to something akin to the lavender fields of Provence.

Speaking of traveling, you can take the grooming and kick it up a notch with a Spaw experience for your pooch. Some water exercises trim that, ahem, Winter waist a bit — and then your dog can hit the massage table for a stress-relieving 10 minutes that may end with a little snooze. Check your local listings for providers, and your pals for referrals.

Check qualified area trainers for a Nose Work class, a kind of game where dogs are allowed to learn and trust their natural instincts — and just be dogs. Once you know what to do, you can also use this “sport” indoors as a boredom breaker on those stormy Spring days.

Be Kind to Animals

If you have a little extra time on your hands, you might want to help out at your local shelter. Walking dogs, socialization visits, baths, basic training, and other needs like short-term fostering for recovering surgical patients. Or if you’d rather, check the shelters “wanted” list, or ask, and you can collect used towels or other items needed from your neighbors.

You and I might agree that it’s our pet’s day *every* day. National Pet Week has pet lovers sharing pride and gratitude in solidarity, and ignites the thought of giving back a little more, doing something special going forward.

Time is a funny thing — blink, and it’s ten years later. Now’s a good time to say “thank you” for being my friend. This video from the AVMA says it well!


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