Illinois Animal Welfare Act Revisions Update: Good News

by Mary Haight on May 19, 2014

Illinois Animal Welfare ActAnimal welfare advocates set in motion a fury of social media networking, calling, and emailing representatives last week when the Illinois Animal Welfare Act was revised in a way that left everyone stunned — saving adoptable animals, feral cats, and the systems put in place to make it work, more than a decade of community effort, all at risk because of Senate Bill 0648.  The Bill was tabled on Friday, while you and I were left clamoring for answers over the weekend: Why were these changes made — what was the intent of the author? It was reported today by Steve Dale that the Bill was written in response to what has the appearance of a fraud on the public (my characterization), whether intended or not.

According to Dale’s description of events, a black Lab was taken from someone’s backyard and was claimed by the rescue group who removed him to have frostbite and serious medical needs. Said group raised $1200 from their Facebook page for medical issues where there were none.

The owners of the dog were neighbors of Senator Andy Manar’s, sponsor of the Bill. The dog was found via social media and when the owners tried to reclaim the dog, the rescue initially refused to relinquish the dog, even though the dog had been examined by a vet and found nothing more than arthritis. A microchip also confirmed ownership.

Humane investigators can look into what might be a problem and accomplish good outcomes, legally. They are familiar with what emergencies look like. Rescues should not risk having their license pulled, or risk their standing in the community. This Bill to revise the Illinois Animal Welfare Act was in response to these events. That’s the shorthand version, oh, and you might recall I wondered aloud where HSUS was in this whirlwind — read Steve Dale’s column at Chicago Now for the whole story!

(Photo: Public Domain)

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