Afraid to Vaccinate Your Pets? Vaccines, Adverse Reactions, Answers

by Mary Haight on May 23, 2014

vaccinate your dogVaccinate your pets, it’s a mantra you’ve heard for decades. The yearly vet visit has come and gone for many, but maybe you’re still waiting, because every time you think about making an appointment, a little bead of perspiration forms on your forehead.

There’s a knot in your stomach twisting tighter as you recall the adverse reaction your dog had the last time you had to vaccinate. You recall a friend whose dog’s health spiraled out of control after being vaccinated and you’re hesitant, unsure — your dog is a senior and has some health issues — what’s the right thing to do for your pet? What would you do if you had to make these choices?

Vaccinate Your Pets Wisely

Did you know that you should never allow your pets to be vaccinated if they are sick, have chronic illness, are stressed. say, from a recent move, or have just had surgery? There’s a warning label from the pharmaceutical company that states only “healthy” pets should be given the vaccine. If there is any sniffle or slight fever, do not take a chance.

Vaccines are not benign agents, they are serious compounds intended to jump-start the immune system. If your pet is ill, not only can a reaction occur, but also the vaccine’s ability to provide immunity can be cancelled out. You will think your dog or cat is safe and it will not be true.

Thoughtful Choices Are Vital to Pets’ Health, Avoid Unnecessary Vaccines

There are many questions on how you might help yourself make the best health choices for your dog, some of which are discussed in the podcast below.

Dr. Apryl Steele, DVM, Founder, Tender Touch Animal Hospital in Denver, and here in her role as National SpokesVet for Partners for Healthy Pets, is back to sort out the recent changes in vaccination protocols, use of titers, and help you establish careful oversight and advocacy when you vaccinate your pets.

Advocating for your pet can mean switching vets if your relationship is not one of a partnership or team working for the optimal health of your pet. It might also mean you pull your dog out of that daycare center or groomers that requires your dog be vaccinated every 6 months for bordatella (that’s not the science, bordatella is good for 1 year — why inflict more health risks on your dog).

We have some questions from a particularly frustrated listener (thanks Kim Thomas) that might be of interest, so listen in. If you have questions, Dr Steele is happy to answer them in the comments.

(Photo:CDC/ Debora Cartagena)

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