Petcurean Premium Pet Food Contest – Happy New Year!

by Mary Haight on January 1, 2014

petcurean premium pet foodThe Petcurean Premium pet food contest is over…it was so much fun hearing about hopes for you and your dog in 2014! It’s my wish that your hopes are realized 😉

Did any of you try the gingerbread dog house? If you did, I’d like to hear about it and bet others would too.

Before we get to the winner, I wanted to remind you that if your dog has a health issue, there’s a skin problem, a general lack of energy not explained by a veterinarian, or something else that persists, you might want to talk to the pet nutritionist at Petcurean. She will advise you what food is best nutrient-wise for your pet, even if that means it is a brand other than Petcurean! I’m still more than a little amazed about this whole concept and think the company is pretty great to be more concerned about our dogs getting proper nutrition than they are with promoting their bottom line.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the Petcurean family for the pleasure of being their Brand Advocate for these past months — it’s been an honor and a lot of fun too! I appreciate how hard you all work to put together great food for our furry families, also taking into consideration the environment, sustainability and local sourcing (per conversation with pet nutritionist Michele Dixon).

Okay…here we go!

According to, hearty congratulations go to Kristine Tonks, winner of the Petcurean premium pet food contest.

Congratulations Kristine! Please contact me with your mailing address at my email dancingdogblog at yahoo and Petcurean will forward your coupons. Enjoy!

A big Thank You to everyone who took the time to enter — all the best of everything to each of you, and to every reader in search of what is best for their pets.

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