Decoding Your Dog – Myth Busting, Dominance Banishing, Alpha Smashing Book Event!

by Mary Haight on January 26, 2014

decoding your dogSo, you think your dog is trying to be “pack leader”? Think again! Decoding Your Dog co-editors Dr John Ciribassi, one of only 50 certified veterinary behaviorists, and Steve Dale, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant, broadcaster and journalist will be speaking at The Anti-Cruelty Society Sunday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., answering questions and offering facts that dispel long held but misunderstood beliefs about dog behavior and motivations.

Dog behavior can fascinate, frustrate and bewilder us, occasionally all at the same time. When behavior confounds and solutions are undiscovered, dogs lives can hang in the balance. Behavior problems are often the main reason dogs are given up to shelters. Not all new adoptive families are willing to seek expert advice on whether training would stop Freckles from eating the baseboards, or if their budding bond was instead doomed to break. This is why it’s important that facts, not myths, are at the tip of the public mind. To save lives is, according to Steve Dale, the best outcome of Decoding Your Dog.

This is not one of those book events meant only for “newbies” who have never had a dog in their family. While beginners will surely benefit from attending and reading the book, Steve Dale mentioned Dr. Ciribassi’s entertaining presentation on what your dog is trying to tell you, and how even canine professionals can be fooled.

We love our dogs and think we have a good handle on reading them, but do we really? Perhaps within the limits of our own knowledge that’s true. But learning doesn’t have an end. New reviewed research comes along and because of it, we can thankfully add another dimension to our understanding of our best friends. So come and join us, and if you’re not in the area, check out the book and start a conversation!

You can register online, or if you see this late you can probably pay at the door. Parking is free in the building (157 W. Grand Avenue at LaSalle, parking entrance on Wells). $20 covers it and proceeds will be donated to Anti-Cruelty…learn more about dogs and donate to a great shelter, the oldest in Chicago, celebrating their 115th year.

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