Halloween Photo Contest — Spooktacular Dog Fun

by Mary Haight on October 31, 2013

halloween photo contestHalloween with its scary carved pumpkins looming in the night, ghoulish costumes illustrating mayhem of all sorts and the yells and barks of children and their dogs, sprinting from house to house for more fuel to fan the flames of wild delight over their bounty of free candy — a great time for a halloween photo contest!  Many dogs, happy to be part of the hunt, don’t mind getting into the spirit of the day kitted out as goblins, ghosts, gremlins or the big bad woof.

You might be dressing your dog and maybe yourself, to greet pint-sized pirates at the door (I’ve heard you could play Britney Spears as a trick to drive them away…), maybe you’re having friends over. Since you are already involved in the dress-up details, you might want to pick one of your photos and enter it in this contest. Friend me on Facebook and leave a status update with your photo. The profile page is moderated, so make sure you mention in the comment section below that you have uploaded your entry — that way I can contact you if there’s any trouble :) (You can always unfriend after the contest – it won’t hurt my feelings, honest!)

Petcurean will send the winner vouchers for two 12lb bags from their line of premium dog foods here, and if you have been thinking about making a change, you might want to listen to the candid interview with Petcurean’s nutritionist for more. Perhaps other dog food companies have this service, but I have never heard of a company that offers customers the time and attention of their nutritionist when looking to customize their dog’s food to suit particular health needs. Now *that* is what I call customer service!

We’d love to see your Halloween photo for this contest — and it might give Tashi the extra push he needs to join in the fun! By the way, you can also enter Petcurean’s Facebook contest “Savor Every Monster” here.

Contest ends November 2nd so get your entries in by Midnight. Decisions are final, and the winning entry along with close seconds will be shown in a follow-up post. Good luck, and thanks for participating!

(Photo: Interior Designing)


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