Deadly Dog Virus Strikes Michigan

by Mary Haight on October 5, 2013

deadly dog virusThe deadly dog virus that is thought to be a factor in sickening and killing dogs in Ohio, and before that was found and confirmed in San Diego (2012), has now reared its head in Michigan where four dogs have died. (h/t Life With Dogs)

Officials are *not*, however, in a position to offer conclusive diagnoses. There are no confirmed cases of circovirus in Michigan and no dogs have been confirmed to have died from it according to reports from the Michigan Veterinary Association. The possibility of co-infection from two separate viruses is still on the table, as it is in the Ohio cases.

There is some news you may not have heard — the ABC report below mentions that current thinking is humans are passing this on to their dogs. It was reported that owners of dogs affected experienced symptoms that fall in line with circovirus. The symptoms are:

  •  Intestinal inflammation
  •  Infected pancreas
  •  Enlarged lymphnodes
  •  Lethargy
  •  Flu-like coughing and sneezing
  •  Bloody vomit
  •  Diarrhea
Dr Lindsay Ruland, owner and chief of medicine at Emergency Veterinary Hospital of Ann Arbor said “We want to alert people that, although we do not know what this condition is or if these cases are related, any animal (dog, cat, rabbit, bird) that exhibits signs of significant lethargy, anorexia, abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea, especially if there is blood in it or they appear to have an upper respiratory infection, needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately,”  reported ClickOn Detroit .

There are precautionary measures you can take so you don’t pass this deadly dog virus to any dogs in your household:

  • wash your hands with antibacterials before handling your dog’s food or toys
  • keep dogs from sharing their toys
  • be aware of your own state of health
  • if you have a sick stomach, upper respiratory, or other symptoms let someone else feed the dogs if you can
What you do not want to do is ignore what might be symptoms your dog is having. This deadly dog virus can present in a stealth fashion, as it did with a puppy that had few symptoms. Do NOT wait until the next day if your dog exhibits symptoms. It is critical to get them treated immediately if they are to live through this virus. Dogs are dying within a 12-24 hour period.
To date there have been no reports of other pets being affected by this virus, previously found only in pigs.

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