Pet Food Nutritionist Speaks #Petcurean

by Mary Haight on September 30, 2013

You may have noticed that shield in the margin above the fold…the one that says “Petcurean Brand Advocate”. Dancing Dog Blog will be “wearing” that until December, and we’re so pleased to be associated with a company that works diligently to combine local sourcing while meeting nutritional and special needs in the various formulations they offer dogs and cats.

When it comes to ingredients, they want only the best of the best in their products and use a trusted network of farmers, ranchers and producers to provide them with a consistent source of premium quality fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and berries. Lamb is sourced from New Zealand. You’ll also get information in the podcast on GMOs and sources used for vitamins and minerals.

I’m happy to report this Canadian pet food company had the power to actually surprise me with the level of service provided to customers — you’ll hear about that in the podcast — be ready to catch your jaw before it hits the floor!

Petcurean can be found only in specialty pet stores. That’s because all their retailers are educated about the brand, the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, and food intolerance and sensitivities so they can match customers needs with the most appropriate line of food. If you’d like to try it, you can look for a retailer near you here.



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