Mystery Dog Deaths in Ohio — New Virus?

by Mary Haight on September 8, 2013

mystery dog deaths

Mystery dog deaths in Ohio update: The illness that caused the death of three dogs in Ohio and sickened three others is not an isolated incident. Erica Pitchford Hawkins, communications director, Ohio Department of Agriculture, noted that pathologists are looking at cases of several dogs in California with similar symptoms who died this past Spring (h/t to Dr Sheldon Rubin).

“Circovirus” is the current working theory, and a National news release will be made Monday by the State about the virus. This virus has not, prior to this year, been associated with dogs according to the report.

This is not just a case of vomiting and bloody diarrhea in dogs, but according to Melanie Butera, DVM,  “acute necrotizing vasculitis” was reported by the pathologist. That means sudden damage to the blood vessels which start leaking fluid. Dr. Butera said the four cases she had reported to the State had fluid in the abdomen and around the lungs as a result of the leaking fluid. Only three of the dogs recovered. Kathy Antoniotti’s report from the Akron Beacon stated a dozen dogs had been sickened last month.

While news on the new virus will be released on Monday, it will be weeks before science can confirm if the Ohio and California dogs died of the same thing. Mystery dog deaths will stay a mystery until all the reports are in. Stay tuned!



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