Dog Deaths in Eukanuba,Iams Recall?

by Mary Haight on August 18, 2013

Here’s some disturbing news out of Ohio, three dogs who all stayed at the same daycare center, Pet Spot in Norwood, and ate one of the recently recalled P&G Eukanuba/Iams food have died. One of the dogs was only 4 years old. Three more from the same place became ill. (H/T to Steve Dale on this story, noted on FB)

Pet Spot is waiting for news, as is everyone, from MedVet in Madisonville to confirm the cause of death.  HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) was mentioned as a possible cause, which symptoms include a sudden onset of vomiting and bloody diarrhea which can be fatal if not treated. A better definition from Dr. Janet Tobiassen Crosby at

What causes HGE?
At this time, the exact cause of this disease is unknown. There are many theories – diet, a bacterial infection or bacterial toxin, virus, reaction to an intestinal parasite, etc. – but nothing has been proven. Stress may play a role in the development of HGE. Dogs that have an episode of HGE may be prone to another occurrence.

HGE can be food related.

Pet Spot will be closed until Tuesday for clean-up.

It was thought there would be an answer to these deaths and illnesses Friday, so word could come at any time time this week. Here’s the Fox 19 investigation: News, Weather


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