Blogging Secrets of Life With Dogs with Founder Neil Brogan

by Mary Haight on August 2, 2013

blogging secretsBlogging secrets – what is this, a tell-all interview? Yes, Neil Brogan agreed to stop by and expose the blog secrets to his stratospheric success at, a blog that gets more than 1,000,000 visitors a month. I think some of the answers will surprise, if not shock you. But I’m leaping ahead…

Life With Dogs (LWD) has been around since 2006, growing into its own as every dog lovers place to go for the latest and best laughs on the internet. Everything there was new and fresh! I started blogging at the end of 2008, and did not discover LWD until 2009 when I noticed the “blog hop”. Every blogger could list their blog or a recent post, their logo and have a chance to discover each other. Blogging can be a lonely pursuit — this was a community service!

It was not long after that I noticed there were more advocacy posts popping up and since that’s my reason for blogging, and, well, being, I was happy to see it! But going from a site known for laughter to the all too grim stories that so often come out of animal welfare work is not often seen. Taking such risks could bring growth to a screeching halt, or it could lead to more people doing things for animals, but I’ll let Neil tell this story.

If you didn’t know, Neil has moved on from the day-to-day editing and writing on Life With Dogs, but has also founded Life With Cats, also, I believe, edited by others. Neil Brogan is by no means disappearing from the scene – he’s got another great project coming up to be announced in a couple of weeks, and gives us a quick summary in the interview.

So what are the blogging secrets for all the erstwhile, frustrated, prolific writers out there trying to strike readership gold? Listen in my friends! For those of you who don’t blog, and many of you may be avid readers of LWD, this is a chance to hear what it’s like from the inside of one of very top dog blogs on the net! You can reach Neil at Nigel Buggers page or his own, Neil Brogan.

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