Heartworm Preventive Recall – Iverhart

by Mary Haight on April 13, 2013

heartworm preventive recall

Heartworm preventive recall just as Spring is finally here:

“Six lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables, a heartworm preventive, have been recalled because of a stability issue involving the medication’s active ingredient ivermectin, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported this week.

The manufacturer, Virbac Animal Health of Fort Worth, Texas, did not issue a public recall notice. A spokesperson could not be reached to comment.

A selected amount of Iverhart was recalled:

Large dogs (51 to 100 pounds): lots 120076, 120086 and 120856.

• Medium dogs (26 to 50 pounds): lot 120202.

• Small dogs (up to 25 pounds): lots 120196 and 120844.

Iverhart Plus, a generic equivalent to Merial Ltd.’s Heartgard Plus, is formulated for the prevention of heartworm disease and for the treatment and control of roundworms and hookworms.

Stability concerns led Virbac to recall a single lot of Iverhart Max Chewable Tablets in April 2012. A lack of stability can reduce a medication’s efficacy.

Veterinarians or pet owners who have questions may contact Virbac Technical Services at 800-338-3659, ext. 3052.”

Source: Veterinary Practice News

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I have 2 sibling 12 week old malti poos , both were to get Heartgard plus for heartworm, one loved it, the other one who usually devours everything refuses it. Tried in peanut butter and in his meal but pup ate around it.  Thinking of switching to Iverhart but now reluctant after the recall. What do you suggest??


Great post.  We heard about the recall last week and checked ours.  Sure enough... on the recall list!  Our vet was nice about exchanging it for another and all 3 dogs tested negative :-)


lots of recalls lately.... sadly.... 

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