Pet Euthanasia: The Prince & Rescue Pets

by Mary Haight on December 12, 2012

pet euthanasiaDid you know that pet euthanasia in 31 States means gas chambers are used to kill shelter animals? State sanctioned animal cruelty is the result, see if your State is on the list. Prince Lorenzo Borghese has teamed up with the American Humane Association (AHA) to rescue pets and stop this cruelty. Borghese explains what’s happening on the video clip below.

Borghese tells one story about Grace, a dog who survived gassing in Georgia. Grace’s ordeal helped Georgia legislators abolish the use of gas chambers. It’s noteworthy that AHA produced a study in 2009 showing the cost to gas a pet was more expensive than death by injection. The report also cited gas chambers as a safety issue for shelter staff, not only from leaking carbon monoxide, but gas build up that has caused explosions, severe injuries, and one death. Why would 31 States (at the time of the video) continue to use this more costly, cruel, dangerous, and sometimes ineffective method?

Borghese is an activist and goes on the road to spread the word about how our dogs are being treated. And they are our dogs —  the State is spending taxpayer dollars on pet euthanasia methods that are cruel. Having failed to keep them out of the shelter system, we ought, at the very least, require a humane death with someone holding their paw (a method many shelter employees have said they prefer). If you’d like to get involved and find out what your State is doing, AHA has a useful list of what to do half way down the page. Training for the injection method is also available from AHA, as is help with politicians who wish to sponsor a bill.



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