Steve Dale Interviews,What Do Amazon CARES & Mountain Gorillas Have in Common?

by Mary Haight on November 29, 2012

Steve DaleSteve Dale is what Amazon CARES and Mountain Gorillas have in common! Steve, a journalist, broadcaster, certified pet behaviorist, and the Ann Landers of the pet world, most generously invited me to be a guest on his radio show. I had called him on my return from the Amazon to ask when he and his wife Robin were leaving for Rwanda, and caught him just as he was running out the door. He asked how my trip went and invited me to his show sometime after he got back. Six weeks later we set the time.

Off I went to Black Dog Productions downtown Chicago. I went in, we talked for an hour, and when it was over I was out the door trying to piece together what I said, but mostly remembered what I forgot to say! I haven’t drummed up the courage to listen yet, it was a morning with no caffeine (another story) to fuel my brain. Since it ran so long, I did say “but you’re going to slice and dice it, right?” He said, “No, I don’t do that.”  Oh….my.  Word to the wise – bring notes – and never book a blood test after an interview.

At some point I did forget we were in a studio. We were talking about our respective trips and what we learned. There are so many big picture things you think about after you get home from a trip of a lifetime. Like my first impression of Iquitos, besides the sandy dirt that seemed to be everywhere, was “so where’s the jungle?” I saw it from the plane, but once in the city you don’t notice it, which speaks to growth in population. And Steve spoke of the devastation of Rwanda and the snail’s pace progress in rebuilding, almost two decades after the genocide of 800,000 of the Tutsi tribe in 100 days, explaining why that history has a negative effect on how Rwandans feel about dogs even today.

If you’d like to listen in, pop over to Steve Dale’s Pet World and the interview  “…from the Amazon to chicken jerky treats.” Many thanks for the opportunity, Steve!

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