Disney Buddies Dogs Strike Again! Santa Paws 2

by Mary Haight on November 19, 2012

Disney BuddiesDisney Buddies series is back for the holidays, and Santa Paws is a dad! Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pupsstarring some very cute Great Pyrenees talking puppies, is available on DVD November 20, just in time for family and friends holiday get-togethers: The perfect entertainment for your children and/or the children in your circle, and all those young at heart. (Video clip and Q&A below)

In this direct-to-DVD film, the pups learn how to take responsibility, understand the “true spirit of Christmas” and decide to show it by spreading Christmas cheer. From Walt Disney Studios press release, the cast features:

“…Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels), Danny Woodburn (Mirror, Mirror; The Search for Santa Paws), Pat Finn (Spooky Buddies), Kaitlyn Maher (Treasure Buddies, The Search for Santa Paws), Josh Feldman (The Closer), George Newbern (The Father of the Bride), Obba Babatunde (Broadway version of Dream Girls) as human characters.”

Enjoy the trailer – you can buy it at the first link on this page =)

And here’s a Q&A with Cheryl Ladd about her Labradoodle and becoming a “dog person”:

Q: Tell us about your dog Crockett. How long have you had him, and what do you love
about him?

A: Crockett is amazing. He’s five years old. He’s a giant Labradoodle. And he is the apple
of our eyes. He is so smart. He sings. In fact, he loves to sing. And he can sit up. To
see a giant dog sit up like that is just adorable. He looks like a giant polar bear. He’s
kind of a bombshell blonde and just full of love. He’s got big amber eyes and a great
big licorice nose. And we’re just madly in love with him.

Q: Have you always been a dog lover?

A: Always. I didn’t have a dog growing up as a child, although when I went to visit my
grandparents, they always had dogs on the farm. And so I was around them. I really
became a dog person in my 20s when I first had a dog of my own. And I have had dogs
ever since. You fall in love with one dog and you become a dog person. I can’t imagine
living in a house without a dog.

Q: Dogs are so smart. Anything funny, unique or quirky that Crockett does?

A: He will come in at two minutes to five o’clock everyday, which is his dinner time. At
the exact hour he will come and just stand in the middle of the living room when my
husband and I are watching TV. He just looks at us like, “Okay, it’s time.” His clock is

Q: Are there any fun activities you do with your dog?

A: I walk with him almost every morning, half a mile down my hill. And then half a mile
back up. He loves his morning walks. You know dogs, they love routine.

Q: Are you able to travel with him, do you bring him along when you have to be on
the road?

A: Sometimes. Yeah, he’s a good traveler. We take him into hotels and walk him on
beaches. And you know, giving him a different view of the world. He has been just

Q: Are there any tips you can offer other dog owners about how to travel with a dog?

A: I would recommend puppy class. Puppies are little sponges, just like little kids. Dogs,
young dogs, can really learn quickly. Crockett was the youngest dog in the class, and
the brightest. He learned everything instantly. He has never forgotten it. Now he
knows English, and has a huge vocabulary. He does whatever you’d like him to do, the
minute you ask him he’s willing. He’s got that Labradoodle love thing, wanting to
please, wanting to be with you. That “What do you need?” kind of attitude, and he’s
got that poodle brain.”

Disney Buddies

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