Black Friday for Pets, Walmart Protests and Chicken Jerky Treats

by Mary Haight on November 22, 2012

Black Friday for PetsBlack Friday for Pets reminder: I mentioned the Walmart protests organized by Susan Thixton and Mollie Morrissette in a post on chicken jerky treats from China. Since then, some changes have been made.

There is a target time of 11:00 a.m. November 23, when protesters should ask the Walmart greeter to speak to the manager. Susan has more on this here. It’s going to be an interesting Black Friday for Walmart since, in a separate event, an unknown number of employees are planning on walking out (per Christian Science Monitor), though when walkouts might occur, I am not certain.

A letter was sent to Mr. Mike Duke, President and CEO of Walmart, which you can read here. No reply or callback has been received to date.

Since retailers have decided they will not pull the chicken jerky treats from shelves, that pets’ safety doesn’t matter, it’s a good idea not to support the Walmarts of the world with your hard-earned dollars. Also a good idea to email them and let them know you will not be shopping at their stores. Money is one kind of speech retailers understand.

If you would like to take part, here are the locations where protests are planned. If your city is not on the map, you can put it there yourself by using the materials Susan Thixton has provided (use the link the beginning of this post), asking to speak with your local store manager at 11 a.m. November 23.

Check out the map here: Black Friday for Pets Event Locations. Please spread the word to your online and offline friends and family: Don’t buy chicken jerky treats from China. You wouldn’t want any dogs you know to end up on the list of thousands who have gotten sick or died.

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