Dog Friendly Fall?

by Mary Haight on October 25, 2012

dog friendly FallThe ultimate dog friendly season might be Fall. Leaves are beautiful as they pile up on the ground, and dogs love sniffing, running, jumping into mounds gathered up against curbs, or blowing through acreage in the country. Decked out in fall leaves, dogs are irresistible! The air is crisp, cool breezes dominate, and the crunch of leaves dancing beneath your feet remind you these days won’t last long. But a dog friendly Fall is not what’s in store for those with allergies.

Fall Excites Dog Allergies – What to Do?

My dog Tashi gets the inhaled type of allergies which come from mold, tree, weed pollens, and dust mites. Watery eyes leave rusty stains on his face and itchy feet get stained from licking and chewing, occasionally there will be a nose-to-floor-bumping sneeze.

Tashi does root around the ground like a champion and has to be wiped down. If you have a dog with allergies, you know what a difference this makes. I use wet wipes on his face, give a quick wipe to his coat and then in-between his toes. Every other day I wash his feet and legs. Pollen be (mostly) gone!

Fall Days

Fall Allergies – Unchain Your Door, Go Out, Enjoy!

When allergies get pronounced, antihistamines and/or corticosteroids relieve severe itching, a cause of infection. Topical sprays are available, and adding omega-3 fatty acids to the diet is helpful. Some other symptoms include:

  • Swelling of the ear flaps
  • ear infections
  • hot spots
  • asthma-like wheezing

There are also natural holistic remedies you can discuss with your vet. Don’t ignore allergies. They can develop into year-round discomfort for your dog. Always check with your vet before using any over-the-counter remedy.

Now that you have a better idea of how you can enjoy a dog friendly Fall despite allergies, get out there before the last leaf blows away! Snap some photos of your dog before the snow, cold, and overcast days arrive.

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