Chicken Jerky Treats from China – New Action

by Mary Haight on October 21, 2012

pet food imports from ChinaThere is a new push back on chicken jerky treats from China. Thousands of dogs across North America have gotten sick over the last five years, approximately 360 dying in the last 18  months with chicken jerky treats made in China as the common factor. The FDA has been unable to find the ingredient or chemical that would cause such reactions, and therefore cannot force a recall. People are losing patience, dogs are losing more.

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) had a story by Tom Harrington on chicken jerky treats and what’s happening in the US and in Canada. He interviews people whose pets were affected, talks about the pet food industry and sent samples to two labs, one local and one in Germany. (Hat tip to John Woestendiek, Ohmidog!) The results are discussed in the program.

New York’s Robin Pierre, an activist since her Pug Bella died after eating chicken jerky treats, is included in this report. She has put together on Care 2 a petition to ban all poisonous chicken jerky treats from China and makes a concerted effort to inform the public with flyers, posters and even stickers she takes into stores to put on each bag still on the shelves, referring them to the warning on the FDA site. She does that because as many of you know, stores do not have the FDA warning sign displayed on the shelves where packages of chicken jerky from China are waiting for the next unsuspecting customer.

I asked Robin Pierre for a comment on this story:

I find it absolutely appalling that this has been able to continue since 2007 and no one seems to take ownership of the issues at hand. It is even furthermore appalling that when the FDA was on the ground in China inspecting the manufacturing plants, the Chinese dictated to the FDA what they could and could not do and none of the irradiation plants were ever inspected. Who are they protecting it is certainly not the citizens of the United States! The unknown compound found in the German lab confirms the evidence provided by the thousands of reports of kidney disease/failure, liver disease, Fanconi-like Syndrome and death in dogs that have consumed imported jerky products.

Section 801 of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act gives the FDA the power to refuse import of animal feeds if they even appear to be adulterated. Section 801 also allows the FDA to make admissibility decisions using information and evidence from sources other than their own examinations, such as the test results from Germany. The FDA should be mandated to invoke that power and refuse import to any jerky products for dogs that are manufactured in China until the manufacturers can identify the compound and show proof that it has been eliminated entirely from their products.

There is an event planned for November 23, Black Friday, traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. Walmart will be targeted by consumers protesting the fact that these products have not been removed from the shelves. You can reach Robin Pierre at her Facebook group (and ask to join the private group from that page if it is appropriate for you) and Susan Thixton at her website, Truth About Pet Food. Both are busy making flyers, placards and helping communities organize. Food and Water Watch (no specific page yet) and Poisoned Pets have joined this project.

You too can help by simply being informed, and passing it on. Take a little time and watch this program – I think you’ll be glad you did.


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