Be The Change, Be Heard, Up with Animals!

by Mary Haight on October 16, 2012

Be The ChangeBe the Change 4Animals day is here! Bloggers write to be heard on topics from every category. Local, national and global events and issues connected to animals and the environment, animal protection, social media charity for causes and more are offered, devoid of pleas for funding. Every time I read these posts, I hear voices full of passion, replete with the energy and drive that comes from authentic belief, compassion, concern, deep respect and love. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

What is working to better the lives of animals gets spread throughout communities on Twitter, Facebook, G+, Linkedin, and more – it all lives online for at least a week, maybe more, as friends of friends and followers of followers pass it on. Shelters, rescues, sanctuaries and projects to benefit animals hum with the energy of hope – to be heard can change things. It can change everything.

And it’s all up to you.

Whatever might be wrong, there are those who work to make it right by taking action, spreading the word, and enlisting help from people just like you. You too can practice philanthropy and social change – it’s where happiness, delight and joy live!

Don’t believe me? Tell me how you feel when a dog or cat was adopted because you included a photo, description and link on your Facebook page. Maybe when you sign a petition that lights a fire under officials and laws pass that raise the bar on those who harm animals, you will know what I’m saying is true. I promise you, even the simple act of re-tweeting a post, sharing a video, or updating your status with news will help the animals we share our lives and the planet with.

Come and visit us today, tomorrow and the the change! Your visit is a field trip to feeling good!


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