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by Guest Post on September 13, 2012

If the very thought of worms is unpleasant, that’s because they are. In their various forms they cause suffering, illness and – in extreme cases – death. Certain types of worms can also be spread between pets and people. Therefore, where worms are concerned, prevention is better than cure.


Simple Precautions


There are many simple precautions you as a pet owner can take to help control the problem of intestinal worms. These include keeping your dog’s sleeping area clean, never feeding it raw meat and making sure fleas are kept under control. Recurring flea problems are one of the most common ways your dog can suffer from a worm infection.

Despite taking these simple precautions, chances are your pet will be affected by worms at some time in its life. The truth is worms are almost impossible to prevent altogether. But by giving the right dog wormers at the right time, you can reduce the risks and prevent your pet from becoming seriously ill.


Regular worming for all

Even if your dog seems to be in good health, having a worm control programme in place is absolutely vital.

Puppies are most at risk of worm infections and the majority of them will contract worms from their mother. While a bitch’s milk is full of vital nutrients for pups, it can also contain worms.

To give your dog the best possible start in life it is important to take a disciplined approach.

Puppies should be treated with the right pet meds from the age of two weeks. You should then administer these every two weeks until your pet is 12 weeks old. After the first three months of a puppy’s life, make sure he or she is wormed monthly up to the age of six months. After this time he or she can be treated as an adult dog.

All adult dogs should be wormed every three months. This routine should continue throughout your dog’s life, as every animal is likely to suffer from worms at some time.

It’s also important to ensure pregnant bitches are wormed. There are two key times when you should worm a pregnant bitch: at the time of mating and when the puppies are one week old.

If you are welcoming a new dog into your family, make sure you worm him or her straight away. You may or may not know what dog worming programme your new pet’s previous owner implemented but your environment could pose new risks to your pet’s health. By taking action earlier with effective dog wormers you could greatly reduce your pet’s risk of infection.


Treatment options

Dog wormers can be administered in a number of ways. The most popular is flavoured, chewable tablets. The most effective tablets for your dog will be determined by their body weight. Tablets can be given directly or disguised in food.

Treatment can also be applied through a spot-on liquid squeezed on to the back of the animal’s neck. Your vet could also administer the necessary pet meds via an injection.

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