Volunteer Vets – It Takes a Village…

by Mary Haight on August 23, 2012

Volunteer vetsThe volunteer vet trip to Masusa Port for spay/neuter work was spectacularly different today…we were picked up by a car (cars are rare here) and it had, wait for it, air conditioning! That was a first and what a great way to start the day. Isn’t it always the little things that really make a difference in your day?

We ended up at the Port with people already waiting. There was a canopied area set up on poles, the sky was beautiful, and a nice breeze was coming off the river. It seems there are people who come just to watch – maybe 20 based on those I’ve seen.

amazon caresPeople were giving the dog’s medical history and any current health issues. What was striking to me today were the number of dogs from what were relatively well-off owners. You would think they would come to the clinic, but maybe the bargain of a donation or convenience is a factor.

One Amazon CARES vet and a couple volunteer vets went to capture some street dogs. They are so docile when they pass you by on the street, but trying to catch them in a net is an art form only for the initiated. Captivity by having a net thrown over you is a surprise experience no dog would be pleased with, but with street dogs you must be quick or they will find a way out.

Things were going smoothly when Molly Mednikow and I left for the office to get some work done. A little later is when all the excitement began, at least according to my 5 veterinary sources: Racelle LaMar, Sean Pampreen, Megan Prendergast, Susan Cunningham  and Erin Zimowske.

volunteer vetsThey were working toward closing the next to last spay/neuter when Sean said to Racelle “a storm’s coming”. Racelle said “oh, okay” and thought “no big deal”. And a moment later, the canopy covering the operating area lifted, the flaps were smacking loudly on the poles, and wind dirt and rain were whipping through the as-sterile-as-you’re-going-to-get area.

And those watchers I mentioned earlier? They all pitched in to make sure the canopy poles would not fall down. Racelle cleaned and closed the last dog, who came through it all just fine. Today, it took a village…









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