Jungles of Peru and Amazon CARES, Mad Dash

by Mary Haight on August 12, 2012

Suddenly it was Friday and my flight to the jungles of Peru was looming – it was a mad dash to get my dog Tashi over to his Aunt Elizabeth’s place then it was off to O’Hare. After three airports, as many planes and ten-and-a-half hours of flight time, I made it to Iquitos and Amazon CARES, blurry-eyed and headed to what I thought would be a bed somewhere.

Amazon CARESAs I and my fellow volunteers arrived, we all got a surprise – Amazon Cares arranged a tour for us to meet the Yaguas, a jungle tribe and go to a sanctuary known as monkey island. We quickly learned what Iquitos had to offer. And even in my travel worn state, I got it – pictures and all!

It has been a whirlwind of activity since I landed with boat rides up and down the Amazon – not the whole river of course, that would take days – and today was the first day we got a chance to see the dogs. I’ve taken a picture of every one of them and will have a little “guess the breed” competition when I get them uploaded. The dogs I met were all happy to see us, coming up to greet with excited wags and barks.

The real work of volunteering starts tomorrow with surgeries in town. I’ll be back with a more detailed report later on, but for now take a look at a couple of the photos from my first day in Iquitos – there are more stories to tell from blow gun practice to pink dolphins!


Amazon CARES




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