A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat

by Mary Haight on August 9, 2012

Guest Post

Cat careFor those of us who love our cats as if they are truly part of the family, keeping them happy is the most important thing. I have always found that I can feel more at ease by knowing they are at least comfortable if I regularly apply a flea treatment and worm them.

As I have three male felines, there can be moments when their fights become a little too real and boisterous. In order to keep the cool between the brothers, I have a Feliway diffuser. It is an odorless plug-in that has worked perfectly so far. A week or so before I got it I caught one of them about to spray in my lounge and since having the diffuser he has not tried again. Each refill lasts for four weeks so apart from changing that once a month, I barely notice it. What I like most about it, is that it works without needing to be a sedative.

My favourite and most trustworthy flea treatment is Frontline simply because over the last five years, it has not failed me yet. I buy packs of six which lasts me two months as I use the spot on treatment once a month on each cat and I have yet to see them suffer heavily due to fleas, ticks or lice.

Also important to me is worming, as in my opinion, worms are worse than fleas. They may be just as difficult to get rid of if your pet has one or the other, but with the amount to discomfort worms can cause your pet, it is better to be vigilant with worming. Just like my choice of flea treatment, I have a favorite worming medication which is Drontal for cats. The tablets can be disguised in food but as I usually get someone to help me, one of us holds the cat and the other inserts the tablet into the cat’s mouth using a special syringe, making sure they swallow it. I do this every three months just to be sure and I am satisfied that because I treat my cats well, their health helps towards their happiness. [Ed.Note: This is not intended as medical advice. Always check with your vet before treating your cat with medication.]

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