Puppy Mills – AKC Against New USDA Regulations

by Mary Haight on July 11, 2012

puppy millPuppy mills, puppy farms, commercial dog breeders, whatever you like to name them, have not been subject to oversight or to basic rules of humane animal care for far too long. Finally in May the USDA has proposed new regulations that would bring internet pet sales under their jurisdiction. USDA has asked for public comment by July 16th.

The AKC has come down on the side of puppy mills once again and is gathering signatures to fight bringing internet pet sales under the control of  the USDA, making them subject to the rules of the Animal Welfare Act. Their approach is “join with the AKC to protect small breeders.”

Interestingly, over the past five years the AKC has opposed more than 80 laws and ordinances meant to crack down on puppy mills according to a report by HSUS. I have written about several of these instances on this blog dating back to 2009. Four days remain to give the USDA your comments on proposed rule changes. If you go comment right now, you won’t forget – and you will have taken action to afford some protection for dogs in puppy mills where there was none. That’s a good days work by any measure!

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