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by Mary Haight on July 23, 2012

A stray dog abandoned by its owners approaches...

A stray dog abandoned by its owners approaches a rescue worker in New Orleans. Many animals were left by their owners who could not take them to the evacuation shelters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dog rescue is the focus for today’s worldwide action for bloggers everywhere. Bloggers Unite for Dog Rescue was started by members of Blog Catalog back in 2007 and now includes Dog Rescue Success and BTC4Animals.

You too can join in and be part of saving more dogs – and it’s easy. Use your twitter account and Facebook page to let your friends know what’s going on, help spread the word and be the reason more dogs are adopted. Why add one more thing on your “to-do” list today? I’m glad you asked!

Dog Rescue – Most Under-Funded Mission on the Planet

Less than 2% of all charitable giving (2010 stats) goes to – get this – not just animal-related causes, but is shared with environmental causes! This figure has not changed since I came into the world of philanthropy and social change in ’96. I find it hard to believe, but all the more impetus to use social media to its very best effect – shine a light on the fact that adopting dogs saves millions of lives every year.

Social Media, Dog Rescue, the Numbers

Dog rescue day and the reverberations that result from this social media marketing effort can help change everything for those dogs in that approximate 4  million number of pets killed each year. It’s up to you, me and everyone who cares about dogs to make this campaign a success. We have all seen the great response to puppy mills busts and natural disasters. Millions of pets are adopted each year because of the internet and social media, let’s add another million or two and whittle that 4 million plus number down.

Questions and Answers

Why are so many animals being killed? Is it the over-population problem many point to? That may be less of an issue now than shelters business savvy. With pet shop and internet pet sales taking the greater market share, people need to know about the connection they have to puppy mills that 80% of the public is not aware of. Check the ASPCA’s post on why you should never buy a puppy online and share that with friends who are probably part of that 80% who don’t know!

I mentioned a lesser known fact in my last post that according to HSUS only 20% of dogs in households come from shelters. Now there may be a few extra percentage points you could quibble over, but it is a horribly inadequate number any way you look at it. Dogs have been dying from poor marketing, bad photographs, and scary descriptions sure to drive people away rather than entice them to come and see Chewy, who doesn’t really chew up anything or anybody at all. This has been changing over the past few years thanks to a relatively newer organization’s compelling, innovative approach – humor.

The Shelter Pet Project has had an enormous influence in the sheltering community and a positive effect on public perception of shelter dogs with their very clever video advertising campaign. Their unique, upbeat style to getting homeless dogs adopted has helped many shelters that decide to use this approach kick-start their adoption programs and get themselves out of the dog house in their communities. But dogs still need your help!

Dog Rescue is Personal

How do I know all this? While many readers know of my background in animal welfare, you may not. I’ve been involved in animal rescue and welfare for more than 20 years first as a free agent and then in my capacity as an executive on the board of directors of a shelter, and have helped to save horses and many more dogs over that time.

Now you can get out there, talk to your friends, share this post and the many others out there, tweet away, and just in case you need more ways to help:

  • Donate expertise or money
  • Volunteer
  • Become a foster parent
  • Ask your favorite local shelter/dog rescue what they have on their greatest needs wish list. Maybe you and some of your business contacts can help. If your company still has a matching funds program, what a bonus!

Thanks for any and all help you give today – I bet bloggers everywhere thank you, and I know the dogs do!


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