Animal Stories, Wildfires Unleash Compassion

by Mary Haight on July 2, 2012

animal storiesAnimal stories out of the Colorado wildfires are filled with the generosity and compassion that often surrounds tragedy. People are raising funds, vets, shelters, the students and staff from Fort Collins’ veterinary teaching hospital are taking in animals who out of fear bolted from their homes, and are also going out to check on horses and livestock that got a spot in a safe zone’s corral or barn.

This behavior is replicated in county after county surrounding the 26 square miles of fire that consumed 350 homes and everything else in its path.

PetAid Disaster Services are keeping needed supplies distributed to the more than 30,000 evacuees and are “providing technical assistance and logistics support to local animal response efforts in affected counties.” Emergency temporary sheltering has been arranged at the Freedom Expo Center in partnership with the Humane Society of the  Pikes Peak Region, and vets are on hand to examine evacuees pets’ health for smoke inhalation and other damage.

Businesses are creating their own stories, helping animals by offering funds to humane organizations in affected areas. Even surrounding States businesses are getting into the act. I hope some consider giving to the effort to provide pet oxygen masks to fire afflicted areas suggested below.

I came across this photo and donations drive by Surf dog Ricochet and Emma Zen [Foundation] on Facebook. Providing pet oxygen masks to Colorado and other high risk fire areas is a wonderful idea. Each kit has three sizes of face mask so dogs and cats of any size can get relief and breath easier after smoke and fire exposures. The photo tells us there will be many more animals stories of survival when this equipment is more widely available.

There are wildlife stories to tell I am sure, but so far I’ve only heard one about the fireman who feeds a little Fox every day before going to fight fires in Waldo Canyon – an act of kindness and perhaps a fortifying moment before fighting the good fight for one more day.

Have you heard any animal stories out of the Colorado? If so, please share!


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