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by Mary Haight on July 14, 2012

animal careAnimal care, and all that encompasses, really hits home when you have to go on a long business trip and leave your dog behind. I now know the terror that so many before me have gone through.This is a scary proposition.What company provides the kind of animal care that will give me the confidence to leave my dog with them for 18 days? Eighteen days is too long to burden friends, and I am fresh out of dog-loving family.

You might recall I recently went to Utah for the BlogPaws conference, and the preparation to leave was a little frantic. I had to gather all the pet supplies I thought were needed for the duration of Tashi’s stay, along with cooking his breakfasts and dinners for four days, including two “cookies” a day, a favored but least annoying squeaky toy, his bed, bowls, placemat, nylabone – you may be familiar with the drill. With all that, I forgot to pack his comb, hairbrush, oh, and the poop bags I got at the last minute from Oliver’s Pet Care. Sigh. All that preparation and not perfectly executed!

Even though Tashi’s pet care was assured (he was happy as a clam with his adopted grandmother and her cat) I was one of those annoying (neurotic?) dog moms who called every day to see how he was. I won’t be able to get that feedback during this trip.

I’ll be in the Amazon reporting on the Amazon CARES International Veterinary Jungle program, and that means I won’t always be “connected” either by phone or the internet. Who provides the kind of animal care that will give me peace of mind and make my dog happy to be there? I am certain he will be so confused – it really is so long to be away. Maybe I can get his uncle Steve or aunt Elizabeth to visit and say hello – or maybe that will make things worse for him when they leave…

As you can see, I need help! I have tried to take my own advice, running down credentials, checking social media channels for feedback…I know I’m going to have to buckle down and make a choice this next week. If you have any suggestions for me, beyond maybe taking some Valerian root to calm my nerves, or getting a human-sized Thundershirt to dispel my anxieties, I would appreciate your feedback.

If you know of any company in the Chicago area with an exemplary animal care record, I will be eternally grateful to hear about them! What kind of experiences have you had with longer term boarding – what did you do? If you have a story that might help, please share!

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