BlogPaws Wrap and Cesar’s Canine Cuisine Rap

by Mary Haight on June 25, 2012

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The BlogPaws Social Media Conference was exciting, exhausting, exhilarating, seemingly endless, and then suddenly over. Maybe it was the altitude (Salt Lake City is 4000 ft. above sea level), maybe it was trying to meet and match hundreds of faces to all the bloggers I’ve chatted with on Twitter or FB, but the energy in the house could have powered the hotel. Getting updated on the art and science of and blogging and social media by some terrific speakers and checking out sponsors’ tables in-between made this one busy conference. There was controversy that got people thinking, too.

Utah MountainsBetsy Saul, Co-Founder of Petfinder gave a keynote speech that offered a big picture look at animal welfare issues – not all agreed, but what is a prevalent problem in one area of the country is not in another. We tend to take experience from our region as what we know to be true, rather than seeing what the country as a whole looks like when everything is taken into account – an important point.

I think the one thing Betsy Saul said that blew many away was the we might learn something from the way puppy mills transport animals – they move tens of thousands without incident. Yes, an audible gasp on that one, and a shout out from the back of “that’s not true”, but was she wrong? I think it’s always a good idea when someone so well-armed with facts and in a position to see the big picture BlogPaws Caroline Golantakes a can-opener to generally accepted lines of thinking. It’s disruptive, and can lay the groundwork for innovation. DVM Lorie Huston wrote a post on Betsy Saul’s BlogPaws talk for more information.

It wasn’t *all* serious business – Tillman the bulldog was there to demonstrate his considerable skill at skateboarding (he’s in Guinness Book of World Records you know) as was a Briard named Norman who loves riding a self-propelled scooter! Steve Dale posted great pictures of both in his wrap up of BlogPaws. Sparkle the fire-safety dog was also there imparting smart tips for all to take home.

On a personal note, there were dogs I had wanted to meet, and their people of course!  Cosmo BlogPaws DexterHavanese the world-traveling agility dog was there with Diane Silver – he was a darling and so was his mom!  Of course the ever popular Cocker, Dexter, unofficially the dog with the most waggly bottom I’ve ever seen, was there – what a charmer – Carol Bryant (FidoseOfReality) was very proud! And there was a Flash Mob in BlogPaws Tshirts with Flat Pets dancing to the tune of  “I’m too Sexy”, which made sure the audience was wide awake and paying attention – very funny=)

I must mention I had a great time and conversation at dinner with the very skilled, knowledgeable trainer of fearful dogs, Debbie Jacobs, who I hope to see again when she comes to Chicago in November, and had short but great conversations with Pamela Douglas Webster of Something Wagging, Vicki Cook of the BunnyJeanCook blog, BlogPaws Steve DaleParis Permenter of DogTipper (and CatTipper), Caroline Golan of Blogpaws and Romeo the Cat fame, Ashley Gonigam of Matrix Partners, and many others too numerous to mention! It was great to meet them all.

This was my first BlogPaws and I want to thank my sponsor, Cesar’s Canine Cuisine, for the wonderful opportunity to meet with virtual friends I’ve “known”, some for as long as four years. The #sharethejoy Twitter Party was fun – thanks to Cesar’s reps Neil Alonzo and Shay Begani! But most of all, the information on their support for The Good Dog Foundation was a nice surprise. The wonderful work The Good Dog Foundation does for and with service dogs is so important and helpful to those who need the assistance of a service dog. I look forward BlogPaws party dogto sharing some news in this area in the Fall.

I thank BlogPaws for making these connections possible – it is a gift of more press for many organizations doing incredibly good work for animals and an opportunity for bloggers to shine a light on them. Continuing education in animal welfare, blogging and social media is no small thing!



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Thanks for the update, Mary. I'm glad it was such a great conference. Sorry I couldn't have been there to take part in the learning and fun -- and most of all, to meet you!


I thought Betsy's presentation was great - it really got people thinking about some of the issues in animal welfare. It was wonderful to finally meet you in person!

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