How Can You Be The Change for Animals?

by Mary Haight on April 16, 2012

blog the change It’s the beginning of another quarter and time to offer ways you can be the change for animals! No need to become an activist, march in front of pet stores, puppy mills, fight local Breed Specific Legislation,  or take up lobbying on Capitol Hill in your spare time.  All these things and many more are available, but helping to change animals lives – or the life of one animal – can start with simple support. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. Go Pet Friendly has a blog the change medley of interesting “Be The Change” causes, one of which is the May 19th Chicago event to raise funds for Trio Animal Foundation. This is the second year of Rockin’ for Rescue which will be held at the Double Door Rock Club. Check out Go Pet Friendly for more.
  2. Rescued Insanity wants to show the world that cats are dogs too and she’s asking for your help. Send in your stories of how your cat has changed your life, maybe even saved it, or how you managed to train your cat to do a trick or otherwise engaged cooperation on a consistent basis.

You can get a list of ways to support good causes by spending some time, but not a dime, at BTC4Animals. Each Monday you’ll find something new that takes less than fifteen minutes to do, often much less, that will have a positive effect for animals.

If you’d like a more active support position with a non-profit, you might consider volunteering with a National group like Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS).  Dedicated to ending cruelty and abuse in puppy mills and the pet shops who sell them, CAPS is involved in investigations, legislation, puppy mill dog rescues, and consumer assistance among other programs.

Being the change we want to see in the world, especially for animals, is a privilege, a fulfilling reward. Walk some shelter dogs, give a few puppy mill dogs a bath, reach out to the wildlife rescue to see how you might help if that’s an interest. Find something that suits you. Working together, activists and volunteers and professionals of all stripes have made a significant difference, one animal at a time – look at the “no-kill” movement, the vision that became reality one shelter at a time. There are scores of examples that have reshaped the place animals have in the environment, in our lives and in our hearts. You can be part of shaping their now and their future. What you do now matters.

There are so many positive steps you can take to be the change for animals – maybe the next step you take will change your life, too…



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