Puppy Mills & Pet Shops – End the Cruelty

by Mary Haight on March 19, 2012

Puppy mills supply pet shops. If you’ve heard the story that pet shops procure puppies from “small family breeders” who raise them in their homes, it is apuppy mills fiction. This twist of language and meaning is meant to lull you and your friends into believing buying puppies from pet shops is a fine idea. Don’t be swayed.

People who buy dogs or cats from pet shops often unknowingly perpetuate the abuse and cruelty of puppy mills. You hear phrases from pet shop salespersons like “all our pets comes from USDA approved breeders with no negative reports on the record” so you think all is well. Another trick.

I have written about the failures of USDA enforcement and their lack of reporting obvious cruelty and abuse infractions. Lest you think this is just my opinion, the report cited here was documented and released by the USDA’s Office of the Inspector General themselves.

The IG report found stunning instances of lax enforcement, noting a case where 27 dogs died at one puppy mill which had been given 29 violations in less than one year and yet was still operating. Another inspector was sent to this mill and he found 5 dead dogs in cages with live dogs, and starving dogs resorting to cannibalism. The report concluded that more than half of the large commercial mills were repeat offenders.

Interesting then that during the course of my Animal Cafe  interview with Deborah Howard, Founder and President of Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS), I discovered CAPS was the group behind the action taken by the Inspector General’s office.

Hear how CAPS came to inspect the USDA inspectors, following them from mill to mill, and a bit about their background and current news:  hear the interview here at the bottom of the page.


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