Saving Animals – Indie Business Says “Arm The Animals”!?

by Mary Haight on February 1, 2012

Saving animals one shirt at a time is the slogan for Arm the Animals clothing, and they are not kidding! They’ve armed all theArm the Animals animals who appear on their shirts, hoodies and other items!

I spoke with Matt Heinemeyer, CEO, for Animal Cafe about how and why he started Arm the Animals and found an interesting story I think you’ll like.  Matt was very open about his company, the contributions made over the past year to shelters, and his plans for growth.

We took a look back at all the publicity and celebrity supporters who helped push Arm the Animals into the public eye these past twelve months with a lot of magazine coverage.  They even had interested retailers checking them out – and that’s when they knew they had to get more underwriting to expand their line.  Arm the Animals has a Kickstarter project going to help grow their designs and make more shirt styles available.  It’s a small but important part of their growth – and the more they sell, the more funds go to cash-strapped shelters and rescues. You can check it out on their site.

Oh, and there’s some great information on all the eco-friendly things the company does and the next new thing in recycled materials for clothing fresh off the presses of the patent office;)

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