Dogs and Diets: Get in Shape Together!

by Mary Haight on February 9, 2012

Dogs and dietsDogs who carry excess weight are subject to many (not all) of the same diseases we are – why not nip those quality of life stealing issues in the ankle and get in shape together? Don’t we often do things for our dogs we would not for ourselves?

Let’s face it,  those of us in the North can get a bit lazy in winter because in many places the weather is not conducive to a nice long walk.  Not all dogs are enamored of single digit degrees and biting winds. When Tashi doesn’t stop to sniff the metal sign post, I take the hint. Blowing sharply cold winds can deter even the most determined dog and their person! But we must do something to step up activity, even if it’s indoors, because if your dog is overweight it’s up to you to fix it – wisely.  Preparing slowly indoors as the snow melts outdoors will see you both ready to hit the pavement…once you can see it again:)

Peggy Frezon has a new book out, Dieting with My Dog, that takes you through her weight loss journey with her dog Kelly.  Her dog lost 6 lbs, has more energy, excellent blood work results, and is enjoying a healthy dog life! Dr Lorie Huston interviewed Peggy Frezon for Animal Cafe asking the question “can dieting with your dog help you lost weight?

Since I mentioned indoor games with your dog, want to share?  What kind of games do you play with your dog when the weather is uncooperative? I’ve heard some people set up play dates with friends dogs.

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